About Overpronation

Overpronation is a very common problem in runners and is commonly an overused as well as abused phrase. Overpronation takes place when the ankle moves inwards at the rearfoot and is often associated with a flattening of the longitudinal arch of the foot. The reason why this gets a great deal of publicity in the running community is that it is said to be a frequent trigger of many overuse injuries, although the evidence for that is very poor and may not be the case at all. Running footwear are normally designed for mild, moderate and severe pronators, however the scientific evidence on outcomes when doing this is not that good. Overpronation may or may not have to be addressed. It will need to be taken care of when it is causing the condition that the athlete has. It should most likely not be treated if it is not bringing about the condition that the runner has. The proper therapy for overpronation needs to be aimed towards the cause. There are lots of causes so there is no one remedy that should be used. The treatment is determined by what caused the condition to start with. Don’t fall for the hype about pronation.

Craig Payne

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