bodybuilding Transformation Film maker Stuart MacDonald explores the harsh reality of what it takes to look like the guy in fitness ads. He goes from a 44 inch waist to 4% body fat in 6 months to achieve the look. His trainer and guru was IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willet. The journey takes twists and turns you wouldn’t expect from a typical documentary of this kind. When we started filming we didn’t have any expectations to enter a bodybuilding contest. But after researching how many fitness models are bodybuilders it was the only way we could validate our findings and put a real goal at the end of the journy. What the film maker intended to challenge were the claims in fitness ads. You know the kind we’re talking about… a guy who is ripped standing next to fitness equipment or pitching supplements. This idea was to see what it really takes to look like that guy. The effort was beyond words and in the end there wasn’t a single product that made Stuart achieve the look of a fitness model. It was just old school hard work but more than that it was extreme. Was it worth it? What was the cost? Can you sustain the look of a body at 4% bodyfat? The answers will shock you.

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