Boost Your Ironman Training Routine – Understand Your Body’s Fitness

There are plenty of people who would love to compete alongside the professionals in an Ironman Triathlon. Unfortunately most of those people give up way too easily.

After all, by the time you watch the professional Ironman triathletes train for long, grueling hours each day, most people think they’ll never be able to keep up. Not while they’re working full time around a family and social life.

The truth is, for those people who are only able to get to a gym or focus on workouts for a few hours a week, there is still hope. Those professional triathletes are sponsored by large corporations who dictate their training regimes.

However, it’s very possible to raise your fitness level to the same point as the professionals with a fraction of the time spent in training.

The key is to understand your own body’s fitness levels. You need to know how your body works and then know how to increase them with maximum efficiency with the minimum amount of input necessary.

Lactic Acid Threshold

Your lactic acid threshold (LT) is the highest intensity at which the body is able to recycle lactic acid at the same rate at which it’s produced.

When most people workout at a high intensity, the lactic acid levels within your blood and muscles begin to increase. This causes premature fatigue and can actually slow down the rate of recovery. Most athletes might feel like their legs have gone rubbery or that it’s much more difficult to breathe when this happens.

However, if you can learn your own body’s lactic acid threshold, you can learn to tailor your workout to keep your lactic acid levels steady instead of increasing. The point of understanding your own LT is so that you can keep your training sessions near your threshold point, which can actually decrease the amount of lactic acid being produced by your body.

When you understand how to get your training to this level, your body can then be trained easily to burn more and simultaneously produce less lactic acid. This can allow you to produce more force at a much higher heart rate without becoming fatigued so quickly.

Learning to control your LT can also speed up recovery between training sessions. This can lead to far more effective triathlon training sessions with much less time required to increase fitness levels.

High Intensity Training

Consider that a triathlete needs to be fast and have plenty of stamina in swimming, running and cycling. When most people think about training to compete in an Ironman triathlon, they imagine long hours on a bike, riding around to increase stamina, followed by more training in the pool or at the beach and then a further training session of running.

When you know how to get your body working so you can control your lactic acid threshold, you’re able to change the intensity of your workouts to get maximum results with far less effort.

This kind of intensity training can mean training for less than an hour a day, yet receiving the same fitness results as the professional Ironmen.

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