Indoor Rowing Passion

Being passionate about indoor rowing

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WaterRower Rowing Machine

A video overview of the “Natural” series WaterRower Rowing Machine http http

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Paint Montage

Paintings by Holton Rower Director, Cinematographer, and Editor – Dave Kaufman A compilation of different paintings being created.

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Israeli rower won gold — and sang "Hatikvah" on her own

Update: some of the comments to this video mentioned a version of Hatikvah, by Enrico Macias. The first approximately 30 seconds in that version are not part of Israel’s official anthem, Hatikvah. The official anthem, used by all official Israeli institutions (the President, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.) and in every official ceremony, should have been in the hands of the Italian organizers. Unfortunately, unlike the Olympic games organizers, the Italian organizers didn’t have it. They acknowledged the fact and apologized. Instead of acquiring the official Hatikvah, it is quite possible that they simply downloaded the Enrico Macias version of Hatikvah, since it’s the first result when googling “Israel anthem” (without the quotes). Just a month and a half ago, a much worse incident happened in Kuwait: when an athlete from Kazakhstan won a gold medal, the Kuwaiti organizers played the spoof Kazakhstan anthem from the movie Borat… They had found it online, of course: The correct Israeli anthem was played in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and in countless international sport events, when Israeli athletes won gold or when an Israeli team played in an official match. (the anthem starts at min 2:30) Here’s the official Hatikva, from the Israeli Foreign Affairs ministry’s website (you can click to hear it at the bottom of the page): You can also hear it on the CIA’s World Factbook. Best wishes, The

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Rowing with Greater Intensity


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Unbreakable Rowing

Music: Bon Jovi – Unbreakable Video Clips: Rowing Commercial Steve Redgrave Legend World Rowing Championships 2010 Rowing 9 to 5 Rowing Inches Disclaimer: I do not own of claim any of the music or video clips used in this editing. All music and video clips belong to their respected owners and publishers.

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How to Properly Use a Rowing Machine

Former UF Crew Member showing us how to use the Concept II Rower.

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A rower’s story

Bridget Leire of Thousand Oaks La Reina has become top college prospect in rowing

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Ivan Denisov Concept 2 Rower – 500 Meter 1:19

Having never even seen a Concept 2 Rower before his visit to the USA for the World Kettlebell Club Training Camp at the Ice Chamber – San Francisco, Kettlebell Sport World Champion and Record Holder Ivan Denisov tests his first 500 Meter Row on the C2 Rower with a score of 1:19. What we find interesting is Ivan scored very well without any specific practice. He’s not a Rower, he’s a Professional Kettlebell Athlete. He scores well on the Rower but no Rower can match his Kettlebell results. They can’t come close! We call this a high level of General Physical Preparation by way of the Kettlebell. For more information about what Kettlebell Training can do for your Sport, visit: Or, ask questions to and see more of Ivan Denisov at:

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Looks like March 23rd came early. Also Starring: Lanipator as Zabuza blackrose1m as The Narrator takahata101 as The Rower and Sasuke’s Brother MasakoX as Tazuna KaiserNeko as Haku SuperPsyguy as Mr. Resetti Additional art by The Amazing Rinbo Additional mixing by ShadyVox Mr. Resetti animation by Kirbopher

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