Video Game Stuff Made out of Lego: Tutorial #2 Terran Factory and Machine Shop Click here to watch Geometry – Everything you need to know! (Geometry Wars animation) Video Game Stuff Made out of Lego: Tutorial #2 Terran Factory and Machine Shop A step by step tutorial of how to build a Micro-scale Starcraft Terran Factory and Machine Shop out of Lego bricks. Made by Alex Kobbs of Kooberz Studios, creator of Battle of the Brick and Lego Wii. Director’s channel: Website: Twitter username: Kooberz – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: “Starcraft” “Lego Starcraft” Lego tutorial starcraft2 UPC 020626728386 terran protoss zerg kooberz wii xbox playstation animation blizzard activision wow world of warcraft diablo rush scv south korea microscale lugnet hobby germany rts real time strategy kotaku mean streak goliath tank zergling entertainment gizmodo yt:quality=high

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How to get tons of TNT – Minecraft Tutorial 01

I show you step by step how to build a large and effective monster generating machine and farmer. Fully automated. Things to remember : 1. Build 15 blocks above bedrock to avoid slimes 2. Dig out at least about 64-80 blocks away from your collection point in order to get a decent amount of spawns. Also make it pretty wide as well. 3. Try to find and place torches in all cave systems within 80-90 spaces away from your collection area or monsters will spawn in there and reduce the amount that spawns in your dark room. 4. Be careful when placing water in the corners because it will create an endless stream 5. Don’t do water ALL the way back. Only 2 sections like I show in the video. Watch my HD Gaming stream! : Get my custom texture pack : Download my gave save to try it for yourself! http

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Little Dragon – My Step

Music video for Little Dragon’s My Step. Directed by Matthew Scheuerer The video for My Step features four characters visually based on deities from the Hopi Katsina religion (Kokpelli, Tukwinong, Hokyan Angak’china and Angwusnasomtaka). Here is one site where you can learn more about the actual Katsina and the Hopi people. I will post better links as I find them and they are suggested to me.

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BOSS DR55 Programable Analog drum Machine

The intro was just the Cwejman with the Maq-16 and some patterns i programed on the DR-55 drummachine without any effect, just a limiter, the rest is the DR-55 with a limiter. enjoy! ———————————————————————— the following was extracted from The DR-55 Dr. Rhythm was released in 1980 and was one of the first step-write-style drum machines, and it was the first rhythm machine in BOSS’ successful Dr. Rhythm Series. It was small, inexpensive and easy to use – perfect for musicians at any level. Incredibly basic controls and sounds made this drum machine an instant hit among guitarists and other musicians looking for drum accompaniment to practice along with and even record into their home recordings. The DR-55 could store up to six 16-step drum patterns plus an additional two 12-step patterns. The 12-step patterns allowed for 3/4 and 6/8 rhythms. A variation switch allowed you to, on-the-fly, alter the pattern playing. There were only four sounds in the DR-55 which included Snare Drum, Kick Drum, Rim Shot and Hi-Hat. The sounds are comparable to Roland’s CR-series of rhythm machines as well as some of Roland’s cheaper TR-machines (like the TR-505, TR-606). You can globally adjust the Volume, Tempo, Tone and Accent for the drum sounds. Step-Mode programming was accomplished in a fairly basic manner: Switch the DR-55 into Write Mode and select a sound from the Sound switch, and use the Start button

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Cat vs Cat & Printer – The Translation

Wind up merchant… Big thanks to Anessa2400 for uploading the original and Dailixia for sending the video to me!

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Building an AMD Phenom 2 965 gaming pc step by step. 2011 (crossfireX.)

Yup I did it again, building my machine bigger,stronger,faster and better. Here I put the Msi 790 mobo to good use and build this beast of a machine. I put everything together step by step. You see me do it all in this 30 minute tut. So if you’re into that kind of stuff then you will like this video, if you’re not into long tutorials then you will more than likely thumbs down this video and then leave to look for another tutorial because your attention span can’t handle awesomeness of such lengths. specs AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition 3.80GHz patriot 8GB 2000mhz DDR3 2x Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 1GB DDR5 OC crossfire Western Digital Caviar Blue Hard Drive 1TB, 7200RPM Diablotek RPM series 950watt psu Microsoft Sidewinder x5 Gaming Mouse Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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The Green Surprise: The Step By Step Guide To Clear Out The Greenish Pool Water

By Layne Emerson

You get out of the house all ready to take that much needed plunge — but then you see it, that greenish, yucky pool water. Isn’t that green pool just the downer? I bet it just makes you want to say “Grrrrrr!”upon discovering it after the winter season.

After you take a breather, you will soon realize that eventually you will need to clear out that disgusting pool water. Yes, you may think that clearing out that kind of monstrosity will be an intimidating and demanding task. But in spite of everything, you do want to enjoy the swimming season right? Don’t worry! Here is a step to step guide to help you clear out that greenish pool water.

1. Pick up all floating debris from your pool water using a skimmer net. These can be small leaves and dirt particles.

2. Make use of a fish net to then pick up all the surfeit and heavy rubbish that might be suspended at the bottom of your pool.

3. Back was your filter for about 30 minutes. Then turn off your filter and do it again.

4. Run your filter and your pool cleaner over night to get the left over filth on your pool.

5. Get a hold of your water test strips. If you presently don’t have them, it is best to go to your local super market or home depot to purchase them. Every pool owner has to have these. Water test strips can be your best friend when it comes to maintaining your pool. They tell you the current status of your water and then indicate what necessary steps to take to be able to address the situation. It’s the kind of thing that you won’t want to lack as a pool owner.

6. After taking note of your water test strips’ results, you will now be in the know of what adjustments and alterations to make to overturn your water’s greenish state. It might be the following: pH, alkalinity, chlorine and bromine levels. Just be sure to amend these levels on the recommended status for you to be able to use your pool again.

7. Apply a chlorine stabilizer if you are using a chlorinated pool system.

8. Submit algaecide to your water to kill the algae build up.

9. Pour in a scale, stain and metal control in the water.

10. Put in the water clarifier to thoroughly clear out that icky green color on your pool.

11. Run your filter and pool cleaner over night for the next 3 to 5 days. This will guarantee a cleaner and cleaner pool water in a week’s time.

12. In addition with step 11, carry out with the daily routine of skimming, brushing and vacuuming.

13. You may need to follow up on those chemicals in order to make your water safe to use again. Just make use of your water test strips to help you to get the job done.

Don’t fret, that greenish water has a solution. Just take that breather and get with it. The sooner you get done, the sooner you’ll get to dive in that clear and healthy pool water.

About the Author: I write for Pool Prodigy about aqua rite chlorine generator and pool salt chlorinator as well as other pool supplies.


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Tone Your Entire Body With Mini Stepper: Part 1

Want to tone your entire body, without needing expensive, bulky equipment (or leaving the house?) Watch Part 1 of our Mini Stepper series (toning LEGS this time), and learn more about special Spring Makeover bonus offers!

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24/4/11 Penny Arcade Pre Match Rangers V Celtic HD

Penny Arcade given laldy pre match Rangers v Celtic. Written and sung by the legend Sammy King. Download the song today. All proceeds go to the Erskine Hospital Appeal. Erskine look after the veterans of our armed forces A light shown in the night some way ahead, blue turned into green then it was red And stirring the night love music played the light I saw in the night was a penny arcade Hey step up and play each machine seemed to say,as I walked round and round the penny arcade Just ring the bell on the big bagatelle and you’ll make all those colored lights cascade And music played at the penny arcade, yes it played and it played, played all the time Roll up and spend your last dime At first I thought it a dream that I was in, lost, lost in a sea of glass and tin But no, so dipping my hand in the back of my jeans I grabbed a handful of coins to feed the machine Repeat chorus Oh! repeat chorus Roll up and spend your last, roll up and spend your last, Roll up and spend your last dime

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Utilizing a Step by Step Strategy to Limousine Leasing on Valentines Day Saves You From Aggravation

By Gerry D

A small amount of forethought and you could effortlessly solve your Valentines Day worries with a few phone calls. Appearing like a expert and avoiding problems is exactly what will make you feel great on the fourteenth. Take a step by step strategy to limo rental on Valentines day and you will most definitely have success.

First consider logistics. You’ve got the particular small Portuguese restaurant chosen. They have a similarly modest car park. How do you get a stretch limo in there? A bit of planning keeps you from feeling awkward getting out at the street and walking through the parking area. You will find areas that a limo might not go through as well due to licensing.

Second is spending budget. What is economical to you? Possibly you have champagne tastes but a beer , so understanding what everything is significant. Prices fluctuate by company, there may be traffic charges, length of time limits, hourly rates along with other areas to consider. Verify their insurance and licenses beforehand as well. Would they cover theft in case you left a coat, or something special in the limo while in the restaurant? Do remember, limo companies generate a lot of money these days, their charges won’t be low the slightest bit.

You should negotiate. The fees, a free bottle of champagne, or even other amenities. Some companies offer cool things already in the price, so inquire about the things they have to offer. Ask what they will add in, almost always there is something you didn’t think about which will make the night more unique, don’t be hesitant to ask for hints. When negotiating, find out what exactly is included, so there aren’t any surprises within the bill. Ask if you can bring your special champagne, or provide a big stuffed bear with roses all on your own. These things take some control .

Valentines is a very profitable day for several businesses. Try to book a few weeks ahead of time if it is possible. The longer the wait, the harder it can be to obtain a better price. The limousine company must plan in advance also. Is the company reputable? Have they got a number of cars, or are you tied to a stretch Mercedes, or even an old Rolls Royce? Verify that you receive the limo that you expect, if you want the Rolls Royce, it ought to be confirmed as such. Have they got a cancellation policy and simply how much will that cost you? You need to know what will happen if something goes wrong.

Safety factors are important. Every company really should have well maintained vehicles. Driving records are crucial likewise. Being stranded or perhaps in a car accident will make for an ok story for the grand kids, but isn’t whatever you had in mind.

The correct music can assist make the trip as well as the night all that much better. Does the business have satellite radio, or other things within the limo? Is it possible to bring your personal iPod? Just a little planning here goes a long way also.

Eighth, understand what the rental contract really means. Are you currently just getting the limo, is there add tips, surcharges or other things which can be mandatory? What will everything cost you? A lot of companies will happily itemize exactly what the charges should be.

A simple way to solve all of your issues in a single call is usually a package. Some hotels and restaurants have got all inclusive deals, call ahead and they can hook you up. Limo companies can do the same thing, with reservations at the destination and everything for you. Shop hard, a step by step plan to Limousine hire on Valentines Day should give you awesome results and fewer worries.

About the Author: A new Seattle limo is spectacular. You ought to`You must discover our Seattle limousine prior to deciding to start looking any place else. We presume you can stop in this article with us at .


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