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By George Thompson

One reality about ellipticals: there’s no such thing as a “best” elliptical trainer that will please everybody. This means that you can’t rely on the recommendation of a magazine or friend when choosing the one that will suit you and your body. You need to conduct your own investigation before selecting an elliptical machine. Here are some points to consider before making this expensive decision.

Do you truly need your own elliptical machine?

Before you take action, think about your exercising pattern and your concerns. Do you really and truly need your own elliptical machine? They cannot train every muscle and, as the vast majority are expensive, sometimes they clearly aren’t the most cost-effective antidote to a flabby body or weak muscles.

Further, if you plan to use it only once a week it can be a foolish waste of money to buy one for your home.

Periodically working out in a gym might be cheaper and more suitable than investing in your own elliptical.

If you are positive that you really truly crave an elliptical machine, learn precisely what you hope to accomplish with this kind of exercise before you even begin taking a look at elliptical reports. Generally, this kind of exercise will help you in getting fit and staying fit as well as support you in losing a few pounds. However, it may not make you substantially stronger or build any particular muscles or area of the body.

How frequently are you going to use your elliptical trainer?

When acquiring the best elliptical machine, the most crucial consideration is the amount of time you will spend using it. This issue influences your final option the most, so don’t even try to fool yourself. When we investigate fitness machines, we often overestimate our tenacity as well as our commitment to actually using them. As a result we tend to end up with a too-pricey machine when what we truly required was a low-priced, pre-owned elliptical machine useful only for only a thousand hours or so of working time.

Choosing the best model and manufacturer:

When you know how much time you will spend on the elliptical machine, you’ll have fewer problems deciding upon the best elliptical model for you. Generally speaking, unless you are absolutely, positively certain that you will consistently exercise strenuously, the less expensive and more “ordinary” models are definitely are the best. There is no need to spend a huge sum of money on a top-of-the-line machine with every possible accessory unless you’re prepared for serious workouts.

Elliptical machines with a multitude of options aren’t as rewarding as you might suppose. If you plan to only do everyday, ordinary exercises, you won’t need a large variety of specialized options anyway, thus there is no reason to max out your credit card with unnecessary obligation.

If you decide to to use your elliptical machine for merely an hour each week, for example, buying a pre-owned elliptical with just a few hundred hours of use left on it can be a superb idea. You won’t be able to use most of the options in such a brief exercise period anyway.

Precor and Life Fitness elliptical trainers are the most most popular elliptical machines, but there are several other brands that are of equally high quality. However, surprisingly enough, the manufacturer and the model itself play a lesser role. There are two features that are much more pertinent:

1. The elliptical’s mass: it is wiser to buy a less expensive and lesser quality machine that is the right size for your body than a costly elliptical trainer that doesn’t fit properly.

2. The quantity of hours it has been used thus far: if you choose a pre-owned machine you need to know that the hours of use more accurately determine the endurance and amount of maintenance your elliptical trainer will require than does the actual age of the machine.

Honest answers to these questions will enable you to decide upon the best elliptical trainer for your situation.

About the Author: To choose the best elliptical trainer for your situation – even deciding if it’s necessary to purchase one at all – requires honest answers to some basic questions.
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