Common Strength Training Problems

By Mike Umberger

Do you know what it takes to have a six-pack body? Do you wonder how some people manage to have biceps that look as if they have been sculpted? The answer lies in strength training. But then, even if a lot of people do strength training as if there’s no tomorrow, only a few of them succeed. Otherwise you would have seen a lot of beach bodies everywhere you looked. But since that is not the case, what happens to these numerous muscle-enthusiasts who flock to gyms to pump iron?

The failure of most people to do something worthwhile with strength training is down to a combination of problems which they cannot resolve efficiently and also some mistakes that they make due to a lack of knowledge. If you are into strength training for the purpose of having a ripped body, here are the problems you need to take care of.

1. Lack of proper guidance. If you rely on do-it-yourself videos or books for your training, it may not be a wise thing to do. The generic instructions in these resources may not be wrong, but they are certainly not tailored to suit you specifically. Proper guidance is a big factor in strength training and so you can be much better off by employing a personal trainer to coach you.

What a trainer will do is:

Prepare a comprehensive and customized strength training program for you.

Teach you the dos and don’ts.

Try not to go all the way by yourself, because if you do, you might never make it.

2. Underestimating injuries. Injuries while strength training are not uncommon at all. Even if you have the best equipments to train with accidents might happen any time. The reason is that strength training puts a high degree of strain on your body. But the problem arises when you ignore injuries and exercise through pain. Thus more often than not the injury aggravates and you have to quit working out altogether.

The right approach here is to treat even minor injuries with care. You should adopt a ‘safety first’ attitude and bring any discomfort to the attention of your trainer or a doctor. If it is indeed a serious injury, go through a gradual rehab and get back to training when you are ready. Shrugging of injuries can end your fitness dreams for good.

3. Loss of interest. Most people, who quit, do so within a month or two of starting out. When dreams of a muscular body collide with the harsh reality of rigorous workouts, it is a no-contest! You can avoid this by, setting short-term goals and revising them as you progress.

Having no illusions about an easy workout. Remember that the best things in life do not come easy!

4. Spot-training. Understand this very clearly that your body is a continuous system of muscles and bones and so, targeting specific areas for muscle growth is useless. Those who do spot training, usually falter because of this.

Hopefully now you have a better perspective of strength training. As you progress in training, you’ll learn more and that will surely help you get the body of your dreams!

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