Easy Weight Loss Tips- Benji’s Health Advice

Comment Below on more you want to see. This is a video describing 3 simple tips for losing weight in a healthy and easy (simple) way. Don’t need to spend extra money or get crazy! Of course this isn’t everything but these are the one’s I feel any one can do immediately. Weight Loss Tips #1- Drink Water. As much as you can all day! #2- Eat Protein. Eat more meat, legumes (beans), or any type of healthy protein (seafood, shakes, eggs). #3- NO CARBS. This is the hardest but if you can, don’t eat things like bread, rice, potatoes, and white foods. *Remember, this is a temporary life style. I personally follow this most of the time but let loose during weekends cuz I have to have my rice! I learned much of what I talk about in terms of health from a life time of obsession but give ton’s of credit to the author and book below. Tim Ferris- the 4 Hour Body


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