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By Kathryn O’Neill

So you’re buying an elliptical trainer. You’ll probably want to look at some elliptical trainer reviews before making your final choice.

But hold on – there are so many brands to choose from. And why so many different opinions?

One expert loves the Precor line, another thinks it’s too expensive for home use. One magazine gives a Proform elliptical their ‘budget buy’ award and another article says to go with a Schwinn.

With so many different elliptical models, features, brands and even reviews, it can be confusing to decide which elliptical is the best one for you.

Here are 3 things to consider when reading elliptical trainer reviews:

#1) It’s Just One Person’s Opinion.

Any review – from the magazine expert reviews to consumer reviews all have unique experiences and opinions. And, being human, they’re all going to have their preferences.

This is the case with any product, including ellipticals. For example, some people prefer McDonalds and others like Burger King. Some people love Haagen-Daz but for others it’s Ben and Jerry’s all the way.

So just because you really want to buy ‘Model X’ and another person doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make it the wrong buy for you. Try to determine exactly why this person likes a certain elliptical (for example, does it have a heavier flywheel than other models, does it feel more stable, does it have a longer warranty, etc.). Then you can see if that makes sense to you and fits in with what you need.

Listening to what other people have to say can be a valuable way to learn and gather information. In the end though, it’s your opinion that really matters.

#2) Who’s Writing the Review?

Ok, here’s where it gets a bit seedy. Manufacturers know that many people will probably go online and read elliptical trainer reviews before they buy.

While there are several online sites and stores that let you read ‘consumer reviews’, I’ve read so many of these that are clearly not written by an actual buyer, you wonder if you’re really getting an accurate picture of that elliptical.

Having reviewed ellipticals for seven years, I’ve noticed that there is a distinct language that actual elliptical buyers use. And those in the business (like manufacturers) speak an entirely different language – much more technical.

Some ‘user reviews’ use language that is so technical, my guess is that it’s written by either someone working for the company ( a good review) or someone workout for the competition (a bad review).

It’s not hard to tell these apart if you read enough of them. You’ll begin to see a pattern between the natural sounding ones and the technical sounding ones.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the elliptical is good or bad, mind you. It just means the marketing department of some brand is trying to sway your decision.

#3) Nobody’s Perfect.

While there are some incredible elliptical trainers out there, no one brand has a 100% perfect track record.

Even the best brands sometimes make a dud. And it’s usually the customers who bought the dud that go online to complain about their horrible experience.

They have every right to do this. Hopefully the manufacturers will take these reviews into account and try to improve their models. But don’t let a few bad reviews throw you off track.

Remember that people are much more likely to complain (leave a bad review) than to praise (leave a good review). It’s unfortunate – but it’s human nature.

So remember that even though Model A may have 3 negative elliptical trainer reviews, there may also be 2000 very satisfied customers that bought Model A and didn’t leave a review.

Here’s the bottom line – If you’ve spend the time to research different ellipticals, then trust your decision.

Try to keep it all in context – balance user reviews with expert reviews with your own comparison of ellipticals in your price range. By doing this, you’ll get the best overall picture of the quality of elliptical that you’re considering.

About the Author: Kathryn O’Neill writes for Elliptical Trainer Reviews, a consumer oriented site offering elliptical reviews by brand, price, model and more. For the latest elliptical Best Buys visit the Best Elliptical Trainers page.

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