Female Bodybuilding – The Benefits Of Female Bodybuilding

By Gerry Marsh

While bodybuilding has traditionally been seen as a man’s sport, the popularity of female bodybuilding is becoming greater throughout the world. But bodybuilding is not an easy task for women. There are both cultural and physiological reasons for the difficulty.

Some people and whole cultures view weight lifting as taboo for women. So they have a strike against them to begin with. Women must be extra dedicated to battle cultural expectations.

Female bodybuilding is not the same as bodybuilding for men and the differences are many. Some of this is due to the fact that women gain and burn both fat and muscle differently than men. Women simply don’t produce as much testosterone as men do and do not have the inherent capacity to build muscle as easily. Women must go all out for intense work outs in order to build muscle.

Women do have slightly different nutritional needs than men such as needing more iron in the diet, so a good multi-vitamin can help any female in her body building program.

Professional female bodybuilders have also encountered difficulties such as hair loss, missing the monthly cycle, and stretch marks of the skin. However, all these side effects can be treated and do not have any fatal consequences.

Female bodybuilding has many benefits. It is not all negative.

Bodybuilding can help women to feel more comfortable in their body. It can bring about a greater ease of movement and more energy. Women store fat more quickly than men. Bodybuilding for fitness helps women become more aware of this and of the need to follow a healthy, nutritious to lessen the quantity of cholesterol and fat in their bodies. By starting with weight training for beginners and taking it easy, a woman can boost her metabolism and start to see a better body in a matter of a few short weeks.

Female bodybuilders discover that strength training increases their self-awareness and self-confidence, helping them to break through many barriers of the past. Women are gaining the majority of the jobs in vocations that are growing: residential care, computer and data processing, health services, business services, and child care.

Men account for two thirds or more in the five sectors declining fastest: footwear, ammunition, shipbuilding, leatherwork and photographic supplies, according to the US Bureau of Labor.

Women are also becoming more aware of, and taking advantage of, many of the useful body building supplements available. Supplements that have proven beneficial to weight trainers and other sport athletes to help build their muscles and reduce excessive fats. Some of these bodybuilding supplements can also improve the performance of female bodybuilders and provide fast recovery of strength from training and other related events.

Female body building is getting much more popular as women strive to be more beautiful as well as healthier. You will look better, feel better, and be better when you undertake a body building program.

Female bodybuilders can use many of the same exercises as men, such as squats, dead lifts, and bench presses together with a good cardio workout.

It should be kept in mind, though, that female bodybuilding is not about bulking up with massive muscles. Most women start bodybuilding to get healthier, gain muscle definition and to feel and look great. And it works to sculpt a beautiful body when it is done naturally – without the magic pills.

About the Author: Gerry is the publisher of Muscle-Building-Reviews which reviews many top natural bodybuilding programs and programs designed specifically for female bodybuilding.

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