Fitness For Golf: Senior Golfers Must Implement a Fitness For Golf Program

By Mike Schlacter

Senior golfers need fitness for golf. This golf demographic is declining in physical abilities and the end result is a lower performance and enjoyment of the game of golf. Fitness for golf can change all that. Slowing down, if not stopping the affects of aging including strength decline, flexibility reduction, and coordination issues.

If you are in the segment of golfers, have you experienced a rapid decrease in driving distance and consistency?

If so, it’s time to realize the “root cause” of it. I can tell you 100% it’s a “physical” issue. You do not need to hit more balls or take more lessons. All you need to do is simple golf exercises and golf stretches to stop this physical decline and improve your golf swing technique.

Let me give you an example to make you a believer.

Do you struggle to make a FULL backswing? Have you tried to get back there all the way but the harder you try the worse your golf swing gets? The reason why is your current level of flexibility will not let you get back there. Currently it is physically impossible for you to get there, so try as hard as you want, you will NOT get there.

Until you start stretching those muscles specific to your golf backswing, you will continue to struggle and make your golf swing worse. It will be more inconsistent and erratic causing more mishits, weak shots and ball flights like a slice and maybe even a hook.

Do you want another example?

You struggle to stay in your golf posture, and no matter how hard you try to stay in it you CAN’T. Lessons don’t help, and neither does hitting more balls.

It’s a PHYSICAL issue!

You have both tight and WEAK hamstring muscles in the back of your upper legs, which are critical in helping you stay in that very uncomfortable and unnatural position called golf posture.

The ONLY way to correct this swing fault is to strengthen and stretch your hamstrings. Once you do, you’ll be able to stay in your posture all day long. This is a perfect example of how fixing a physical limitation with fitness for golf can literally transform your golf swing and eliminate ALL golf swing faults.

For every swing fault, there is a physical limitation causing it. I’ve said this for years. If you hear it anywhere else, someone has stolen my concept and approach. I have come to the conclusion that all golf instruction is wrong if it does not address the “physical” issues with each and every golfer.

You can take a dozen golf lessons, spend several hundred dollars and STILL not improve. I’ve heard this story time and time again. Don’t waste another dollar on golf lessons or gimmicky training aids until you work on the “root” cause of your swing faults. YOUR BODY!

Senior Golfers Benefit The Most

Why not stop the decline in your body before it’s too late? Simple golf stretches and golf exercises is all you need to do to remedy this. You don’t need to kill yourself either. I’m talking about easy exercises you can do right in your own home. They are actually fun and you can see a very quick result when you’re a senior golfer, due to the initial fitness level of most senior golfers.

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