Fitness Training – How Circuit Training Can Make You Super Fit

If you want to keep fit but you do not have the budget for expensive gym fees then one of the most effective, simplest and inexpensive forms of exercise to do is circuit training. Also, known as circuits this form of exercise is renowned for giving you an all over body work out that builds your stamina, strength and endurance. It is so effective that many different types of athletes from sprinters, tennis players and cyclists use circuits to improve their strength and cardiovascular system.

Circuits are especially good for runners as they focus on building strength in the arms, legs and buttocks. They can also increase your fitness levels in a very short space of time which means they are a great form of exercise when it comes to people who live hectic lives and do not have a lot of free time on their hands.

Circuit training is also simple to do and you do not have to use any expensive or fancy equipment. Basically what circuit training consists is a number of stop points or stations. Each station involves doing a different workout routine. This can include running on the spot, sit ups are doing arm curls. At each station you must complete each exercise within a set time and you must not stop until that the countdown is completed. Once that exercise is completed you them sprint to the next point or station and start the stop watch again. You do this until each station is completed.

After completing a set of circuits your body will feel it. It will know that it has had a great workout. Make sure that you do a proper 5 to 10 minute warm up before you do the circuits and the same with a cool down afterwards. Over time you will notice a real difference, you will feel stronger, fitter and have increased energy and vitality.

The great thing is you can do circuits at home and to get you started here is a great exercise that you can use:

The chair dip.

Simple but effective. The chair dip will build strength in to your arms and shoulders. No need for fancy equipment because as the title of the exercise suggests all you need is a sturdy household chair. Begin by extending your legs out straight with the heels on the surface to support your legs. Place both hands on the outer edge of the chair and begin with your arms locked. Begin to bend your elbows as you lower your buttocks towards the floor then push your body up gradually again until your arms lock and then repeat.

Always seek a doctor’s advice if you have a medical condition before doing any form of new exercise.

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