How is Women’s Fitness Different From Men’s Fitness?

By Daniel Clay

Men and women have always, very controversially, been thought to be different. While differences in temperament may be vague and ill-defined, differences in fitness needs are well established. An outdoor fitness program will be very different for a woman from that which is designed for a man.

What are a woman’s fitness needs?

An outdoor fitness workout designed for a woman would focus more on losing weight and toning the muscles. A woman’s fitness goals would not generally comprise of building muscles. Even for a female body-builder, a fitness regime would be different from that of a man’s. It would focus more on developing her bodily strength than making an outward show of a bigger body. A woman also has healthiness more on her list of goals than men do, as women are more prone to becoming ill due to lack of fitness as compared to men. Because of social reasons and to an extent, differences of psyche, women tend to lead more sedentary lives while it is more socially acceptable for men to participate in sports and other forms of outdoor fitness activities.

What is a woman’s fitness program like?

A woman’s fitness program usually focuses more on losing weight than anything else. As excess fat accumulation occurs mostly in the stomach area, sit-ups take up the larger chunk of a woman’s fitness program. There are some models and actresses who do hundreds of sit-ups in a day to maintain a flat stomach. Another important exercise form is squatting. Squats are essential for losing thigh fat as well as toning the thigh muscles and are a must in a woman’s workout. Push-ups aren’t as popular because of the greater exertion they demand. However, push-ups are included for a few sets just to keep the workout balanced. Stretching is also important because they ensure flexibility. Yoga, dancing and Pilates find greater favor with women as these are milder workout forms that work on their over all flexibility and posture.

Why is fitness clothing more important for women?

While a basic men’s fitness outfit can comprise of trainers, an exercise vest or a t-shirt and a pair of track pants or fitness boxers, a woman’s fitness outfit needs to be designed around her softer, delicate frame. Women’s trainers are specially designed for the pressure points in a woman’s feet which are at different places from men’s feet. Women’s track pants or fitness boxers are also less baggier and yet loose, keeping her body type in mind. While women also prefer t-shirts or exercise vests for the upper part of the body, a special exercise bra is a must. These protect the breasts and keep them in place so that women find it easier to exercise.

Women’s fitness is generally not encouraged in society. Unless the woman is an athlete, she is often alone in outdoor fitness pursuits. Women are encouraged to be dancers, but even here the talent factor discourages the non-gifted dancer. However, the human body has definite fitness needs without which it does not function healthily. Every woman should be encouraged to workout at all ages.

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