How to Convert Leads Into Customers With Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

By Taylor Garland

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you know it’s critical to be in touch with your customers. That’s how you stay top of mind with them, and how you build trust. And as I am sure you have heard many times, if people trust you, they will buy from you. Email marketing also increases your chances of getting word of mouth referrals, because people can easily forward your email to their friends and family, which is a beautiful and effective recommendation of your business by someone’s friend or family member!

The easiest and most effective way to stay in touch with your list of existing customers and prospects is through email marketing. The way to make it automatic so that you do not spend hours and hours emailing all of your leads is to use a service called an autoresponder. That’s just a fancy name for a service that sends emails automatically on a certain predetermined timeline to your list. If you wanted to, you could sit down one day and write thirty different emails, and then tell your autoresponder service to send a different one each day to your entire email list for an entire month! That’s probably overkill and you would annoy a lot of customers if you bombard them every day, but this example shows you the power of autoresponders. Imagine if you had to write a separate email every day to each of the hundred or thousand people on your email list for thirty days. You would never get it done, but you could get it done with an email autoresponder system. If you’ve ever signed up for something online, it’s likely that you’ve been on the receiving end of an autoresponder email. So many internet marketers use them because they work so well.

There are several inexpensive email-marketing services, such as iContact, Constant Contact and AWeber. They are in the range of $10-15 a month and it’s incredibly easy to set up your account. I personally recommend iContact, as I have used all three that I mentioned in this article plus another one called 1ShoppingCart in my own businesses, and have found iContact’s system to be the easiest and most user-friendly. Then, if you have a bunch of existing customer emails, you can upload your list of existing customer email addresses from an Excel file to your new account, and you’re ready to go! As you add new names to your list using strategies like squeeze pages or opt-in pages, those new leads will be automatically entered onto your list so you can market to them in the future.

Now that you’ve set up your account, and have uploaded your list, it’s time to begin communicating. It’s okay if you only have ten people on your list, just start communicating with them and providing value to them a couple times a week. Daily emails are generally too often and get annoying, unless people specifically signed up for a daily tip. However, if you are communicating with your list any less frequently than once every two weeks or so, you run the risk of people forgetting about you entirely in this age of information and short attention spans! Another helpful tip: don’t use ALL CAPS or exclamation points in your email subject lines, because Spam filters will likely identify these emails and pull them out before your customers can read them.

When thinking about content for your emails, keep it short, to a few paragraphs at maximum, and keep your content focused on one primary message. You are trying to deliver one important message in your email, not tell them everything about your industry or everything you can do for them. Remember, you’ll be communicating with your audience again soon enough! And, make sure you keep your content interesting and useful, so that your customers get in the habit of opening your emails and not just deleting them as “useless promotion”. Useful, funny and/or entertaining is so much more powerful for growing your relationships with your prospects and customers than dry, information overloaded, or overly promotional.

Now that you’ve written the first email, you can create an autoresponder series in your email marketing account, and make this email the first one in the autoresponder series. Then, you can draft as many follow up messages as you would like, and set them to be sent automatically to this list on, for example, day 4, then day 7, then day 12, etc. This way you can knock out a month’s worth of marketing in one shot, quickly and easily! You have now enabled your business to communicate with customers and prospects instantly and continually, for only a few dollars a month. Email marketing should pay for itself very quickly, as it usually only takes one new customer or add-on sale to pay for the service itself.

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