How to Like Strength Training?

By Daniel Clay

Working out has a new meaning in our lives these days. From being a fitness routine it has become an essential health component in many of our lives. These days, even a twenty year old has flabby arms or huge thighs. So how does one get rid of extra flab and look their age? Exercise is the answer to this and certain routines can help you achieve what you have in mind.

Many people would vouch for some of these workout routines because of their multi-effective nature. Of these today let’s take a look at one of those routines which people would love to take up but are afraid to – strength training.

Why opt for strength training?

The idea behind opting out for strength training is that it helps you shape your body in a way that makes you look and feel attractive. Intense workouts as a part of this training increase the metabolic rate of the body and thereby aiding a lot of fat loss.

The benefits of strength training being many, some people prefer boot camp-like regimes to regular workout method. Well, the solution is simple and it lies in what exercise you do and how much of it you do. Strength training involves using free weights and resistance training, which depends from person to person. Sometimes people with a skinny build choose to use a lot of heavy weights in their workout to help them build muscle mass. Others opt for weights that give them just the right amount of resistance to tone their muscles.

How to enjoy a good session of strength training?

If you understand the underlying goodness of strength training, then it makes it easier to actually enjoy the whole process. Here are some tips.

* Challenge yourself by varying the tempo and the number of repetitions so that you don’t feel bored too soon.

* Think about the well toned body that you are slowly achieving.

* Beat stress by doing free weights. You would be surprised to see how much lighter you feel after doing 15-20 pounds of bench press.

* Plug in some music, as that automatically charges you up and that in turn makes you push a more pounds on the machine.

* Do crunches and lunges at home while you are watching TV or helping to carry some heavy stuff around.

* Your trainer is the key. If you find a good trainer, then he will surely help you enjoy your routines by alternating workouts and breaking the monotony.

What are the long-term benefits?

Any kind of exercise is extremely beneficial for your body in many ways. We know that strength training has a multi-fold effect. Apart from just shaping or toning your body and increasing muscle mass, it also increases bone density and muscle flexibility. This means that over the years, you would still be fit. The intense nature of this training will also boost your metabolic rate, so that even when you are not working out your body is burning fat.

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