Increase Web Traffic – Simple Step-by-Step Guide To SEO And Internet Marketing

By JR Lang

Getting ranked high in search results is often one of the most daunting tasks of Internet Marketing. Of course the key to increasing web traffic is landing on the first pages in search engine results. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a long term goal in building your Internet business. There are several topics within the subject of SEO but it is a well known fact that Article Marketing is by far the most effective and has the greatest benefits. Also Article Marketing is a very effective and quick way to increase relevant targeted web traffic to your site due to the ability of article directories to rank high in search results.

Here’s the Nut Shell to increase web traffic for your site:

Articles with relevant Keywords = Backlinks = Higher Search Engine Rank Pages (serps) = Increase in Web Site Traffic.

The more quality backlinks you have the higher your site will rank in the search engines which gives you more exposure in search results which means an increase in web traffic (that is also targeted IF you make sure to use relevant targeted KW)

1. Basically “backlinks” are links that guide readers back to your website. When other sites link their pages to yours then that’s a BACKLINK!

2. In the business of Internet Marketing it is a well known fact that a strong linking strategy ensures that your site receives lots and lots of qualified, pre-sold web traffic interested in buying whatever you have for sale.

3. And if you’re looking to increase web traffic with SEO (search engine optimization) backlinks are just the biggest thing since electricity. That’s because the major search engines use the presence of backlinks to decide where your site ranks in the search engine results (serps). The all mighty Googlebot, Yahoo and all search engines spiders LOVE to see backlinks going to your site when they crawl the web and it is important to understand that they should be quality backlinks such as those that stem from article directory sites, like ezine articles, which is one of the best!

So here’s the breakdown:


THAT ladies and gentlemen is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done right!

Articles with Relevant Keywords: There is another great benefit to Article Marketing. Besides the benefit of backlinks, quality article directories rank VERY high on Google and Yahoo, and rank quickly. The KEY is to use relevant targeted keywords in your articles and this way you get readers who are PRESOLD and looking for whatever your product or service AND those readers get a link to your site which means not only just an increase in web traffic BUT an increase in RELEVANT, HIGHLY TARGETED web traffic.

For example, let’s say you are selling laptop computers. The KW “laptop” is NOT a highly targeted kw, it is too broad and could mean a surfer is looking for anything within the subject of laptop. BUT if you narrow it down to “buy cheap laptops” there you have a kw that targets the people looking to buy a laptop. The more targeted and relevant the kw the better the conversions will be.

Also the more narrow your kw the smaller the competition gets. If you do an search in Google for “laptop” you will get 190,000,000 competing sites, BUT if you search for “buy cheap laptops” you will get 26,700 competing sites, as you can see there is a BIG difference.

Writing good quality articles is also an important aspect.

Nothing beats quality information rich content to attract readers to you and your products/services. Writing for Article Marketing is NOT writing a sales ad. You have to entice your readers with quality information that will benefit them and leave them wanting more.


Articles with Relevant Target KW = Readers who are Presold for whatever you’re selling and THOSE READERS get a link to your site = Increase in Highly Relevant Web Traffic for you!

In Summary: The MORE ARTICLES you have out there the MORE BACKLINKS you have AND articles with targeted and relevant KW bring an increase in well targeted web traffic for you!


There are two ways to submit articles and the submission process is another important aspect in regards to your sanity, as well as, your campaign.


Option 1 – Manual Article Submission:

You add each article to each article site one by one. Which means that you go to each site (and there are 1000’s of them) and manually submit each of your articles one at a time. Remember that if you only submit to a couple of sites that only means a couple of backlinks.

Manual Submission also means: You have to find all the best article submission sites one by one, bookmark them on your computer, read each of their submission guidelines (they all have them), make sure you stick to those guidelines to get published and keep track of what you submitted to who in order to avoid duplicates.

Remember that the whole point is to get lots and lots of backlinks for seo to increase web traffic, and maximum exposure of your articles for targeted traffic. So the more articles you put out there the better. If you have never experienced manual submission then go ahead and try it, believe me you’ll want to shoot yourself within 5 days. With manual submission you spend most of your time submitting articles Instead of writing them. It’s like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. Automatic Article submission is a much better way.

Automatic Article Submission Service:

You submit each of your articles to 5,186 sites and 66,236 publishers with the press of ONE BUTTON. Also you get professional reviews of each article to make sure your articles get published.

Other benefits include:

1. Automatic tracking

2. Automatic relevant categorizing

3. Mainstreamed submission guidelines

4. Lots of help with the actual writing of effective, well written content.

5. Professional reviews for quality content of your submissions

BUT The most important aspect of automatic article submission is you spend your time writing.

In summary the best tool for SEO and increasing web traffic is article marketing with the long term goal of building backlinks and in turn ranking in the serps. As well as the great benefit of quick exposure through article directories in relevant keyword search results which drives targeted traffic to your site. With the end goal of increasing web traffic stemming from a large quantity of quality written articles leading to mass exposure the optimal way submit articles is automatic article submission.

About the Author: JR Lang is a successful Internet Marketer with over 3 years experience. To learn more about submitting your articles automatically to over 5,186 sites and 66,236 publishers and increasing web traffic to your sites please click here: Submit Articles Automatically and Increase Web Traffic


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