Ironman Elliptical Trainer Review

By Vienna Miller

Ironman elliptical trainers are owned and manufactured by Keys Fitness, a well respected name in the fitness industry. Keys also owns the CardioMax, Alliance, HealthTrainer and of course the Keys Fitness brand name.

Ironman produces a range of elliptical trainers from economy to midpriced, starting around $599 and up.

Although Ironman ellipticals are not as well known as some other brands, they have recently come out with several new models that may be worth considering.

The Ironman Achiever elliptical for example, offers a long 21″ stride, a more compact layout and center drive technology (where there are 2 smaller flywheels on either side of you instead of one large flywheel out in front).

Is an Ironman elliptical trainer right for you? Here’s a general review to help you decide:


1) Center Drive Technology – This is feature found only on some newer Ironman models like the Ironman Achiever and the CDT Elliptical.

Instead of a large flywheel out in front or behind you, there are 2 smaller flywheels on either side of you. According to Ironman, this helps to ensure proper workout posture. It also gives you a smaller footprint if you are short on space.

This 2 side flywheel design is also found on several other brands like Nordic Track and Proform

2) Longer Stride Lengths – While older economy Ironman models had really short stride lengths (14 – 16 inches), the newer higher end models have actually come out with 21″ stride lengths.

A longer stride length more accurately mimics your body’s natural motion and can give you a more efficient workout. While 21″ may be a bit too long for shorter users (under 5’4″), most users love the feel of a longer stride.

3) Great Reviews – Iron man ellipticals rate fairly well with experts and users. A leading consumer ratings organizaion gave the Ironman 320e a ‘Budget Buy’ rating.

Also, users have rated these ellipticals quite well, with many of the models averaging about from 4 out of 5 stars – mainly on the new models. Buyers liked the smoothness of the ellipticals as well as the center drive construction, which is more compact.


The older economy Ironman units do tend to have shorter stride lengths and very short warranties. There are other economy brands that offer you more for your money.

Also, while the newer models show promise, they don’t have a lot of history behind them. So it’s hard to say how well they’ll last over the long run.


The new Ironman models are impressive – giving you smaller footprints, long 21″ strides and the center drive technology. While they don’t have as many bells and whistles as some other brands, the longer stride and design make them a popular choice with buyers.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the older, economy models with the smaller elliptical strides. You won’t get the best workout and you probably won’t feel comfortable on these units.

However the higher end models (especially the Achiever & CDT models) offer better construction and show a lot more promise overall.

Regardless of which elliptical you choose to buy, make sure you know what to look for when buying an elliptical. Consider the needs of everyone who will be using it, their height and weight, as well as the space you have in your fitness area.

About the Author: Vienna Miller writes for Elliptical Trainer Reviews, a consumer oriented website focusing on the home elliptical market. For the more information on where to buy discount ellipticals direct from the manufacturer visit the Discount Elliptical Trainers page.


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