Ivan Denisov Concept 2 Rower – 500 Meter 1:19

Having never even seen a Concept 2 Rower before his visit to the USA for the World Kettlebell Club Training Camp at the Ice Chamber – San Francisco, Kettlebell Sport World Champion and Record Holder Ivan Denisov tests his first 500 Meter Row on the C2 Rower with a score of 1:19. What we find interesting is Ivan scored very well without any specific practice. He’s not a Rower, he’s a Professional Kettlebell Athlete. He scores well on the Rower but no Rower can match his Kettlebell results. They can’t come close! We call this a high level of General Physical Preparation by way of the Kettlebell. For more information about what Kettlebell Training can do for your Sport, visit: Store.WorldKettlebellClub.com Or, ask questions to service@WorldKettlebellClub.com and see more of Ivan Denisov at: www.youtube.com


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