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Kickboxing has become a very popular workout over the last 20 years and is a fun and effective way to lose weight, get toned and stay in shape. There are many styles of kickboxing including martial arts and cardio or aerobic kickboxing. Regardless of your preference, kickboxing is an effective total body workout that will not only get you fit but will make you more confident both physically and mentally with its self defense roots. Kickboxing is especially beneficial for women looking for a great weight loss solution.

If you don’t have the time or luxury of attending a kickboxing class or having a personal trainer, you can create or customize a simple and effective kickboxing home fitness workout routine. Kickboxing is an excellent cardiovascular and strength training workout that targets several muscle groups to help you increase your strength, stamina and flexibility. It will help you build muscle and get more toned, especially if you have a punching/kick bag to target your techniques. Some of the muscles that a kickboxing workout targets are the shoulders, arms, abs and thigh muscles.

Here is a quick and effective 30 minute kickboxing workout that you can do at home, at a gym or just about anywhere. First, warm up with 2 minutes of continuous jump roping. Jump roping is one of the greatest cardio workouts and quickly helps you get your heart rate up and muscles warmed up. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can just jog in place or do jumping jacks. Then stretch out your muscles. It is always important to warm up first as to not stretch and injure cold muscles. Make sure you get a good stretch to prevent any injuries. For this workout, I used my free standing kick bag. It will also work without a heavy bag or focus mitts, but you will definitely burn more calories and build more muscle when making actual contact with a target. If you want toned arms without lifting weights, punching a heavy bag is definitely the way to go and it is also fun and a great way to relieve stress as well.

The kickboxing circuit starts with 10 reps each of the following combinations: (The technique guide is below for instructions for beginners on how to perform the different techniques)

  • #1 – Jab, right round house kick
  • #2 – Jab, cross, switch round house kick
  • #3 – Jab, cross, left hook punch, right round house kick
  • #4 – Jab, cross, left hook, right upper cut, switch round house kick

30 sec break

  • 10 right round house kicks
  • 10 left round house kicks – on these kicks, if you have a bag, work on power and exhale with every kick making sure to pivot and rotate your hips for full contact. If you don’t have a bag or target to kick, work on technique and height.

30 second – 1 minute breakNext, you will do 10 reps of the following:

  • Jab
  • Jab, cross
  • Right Cross
  • Left hook, right upper cut
  • Right upper cut, left hook
  • Jab, cross, right knee
  • Jab, cross, switch knee
  • Jab, cross, right knee, right round house kick
  • Jab, cross, switch knee, left round house kick

1 minute break

  • 10 left front kicks, 10 right front kicks 10 left side kicks, 10 right side kicks
  • 25 jumping jacks 10 knuckle push ups 15 full sit ups

30 second – 1 minute breakRepeat the circuit again a second time.

Finish the workout with a punching drill:

  • 30 seconds alternating punches in a sitting/horse stance – (punch palm down with a tight fist and pull back to elbow towards the back while punching with the other hand)
  • 30 seconds left jab, 30 seconds right jab (with the last 10 sec punching as fast as possible)

Then cool down and stretch to finish the workout. The workout should take about 30 minutes total from start to finish. To customize the workout, you can change the combinations, add on more combinations, do more reps or repeat the circuit 2-3 times instead of just once.Kickboxing is very beneficial and not only is it a great workout for improving your balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance and overall fitness but it can also help relieve stress as well.

Have fun with your workout!!

TECHNIQUE GUIDE Techniques are mostly performed in a right leg back fighting stance

Jab – Left punch (jabs are meant to be quick punches)

Cross – Right punch, pivot back foot for more power and reach (power/knockout punch)

Left hook punch – Can be done palm down or vertical – target is opponent’s side of head or ear

Right upper cut – punch to opponent’s chin – when punching a bag, the upper cut should go straight into the bag with a right pivot

Round house kick – Pick up right leg, bend your knee and as you point your toes and kick, the left foot should pivot. Rotate your hips as you extend your right leg for the kick. You should make contact with either the instep of your foot or your shin.

Switch Round house kick – Performed with your left leg starting in a right leg back stance. Keeping body in the same position with left shoulder pointed forward, jump and switch the feet, crossing them. The right foot should still stay on the right side and left on the left, however, when you switch, the right foot should now be in front. Then execute a left round house kick with the left foot from behind. Set it in front so you should be in a right leg back stance again. (If this technique is too advanced for you, you can do just a regular left round house kick.)

Front Kick – Lift leg with knee pointed up. Extend leg and kick, pulling toes back and striking with the ball of your foot. Target should be the opponent’s stomach or mid section.

Side Kick – Lift leg and bend your knees in a chamber and rotate your hips. Your leg should be tight against your body as you pivot the back foot in the opposite direction. Execute the side kick by extending your leg using your entire quad muscle, striking with the heel of the foot. Re-chamber the leg, bending your knee again and set your foot down.

Knee strike – You can either grab the bag or just visualize grabbing an opponent’s head while you pull your hands towards your hip. When executing a right knee, you would pull to the right and when executing a left/switch knee, you would pull your hands to the left. Perform a vertical knee striking with the point of the knee with your right toes pointed and your body leaning back slightly to extend your reach on the knee strike.

Switch knee – Executed the same way as a switch round house kick

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