Muscle Building – Free Weights Vs Machines

The argument of free weights vs. machines has been an ongoing debate in the body building world. One of the key arguments that the machine devotees say is that your muscles cannot distinguish the difference in the resistance and therefore will be affected the same way as free weights. This article will look into why free weights are a better choice.

One of the biggest downfalls of using machines is that because the motion has a fixed path, this limits the amount of opportunity for your body to have variation. If you have been working out for even a year, you will know that your body eventually adapts to the exercises you do, thus reducing the effectiveness of the exercise. The variations that free weights provide are critical in keeping your body from adapting too quickly to the exercise.

On top of this, because your muscles are not restricted by the machinery, it helps build up other muscles (stabilizers) which are used to keep the weights balanced during the motions. Not only are you lifting the free weights, you are forced to stabilize them as well.

For example, if you are doing barbell bench presses, aside from pushing the weight up with your chest, you have to balance each barbell with each hand to keep it in place. Comparing that using a bench press machine, it only requires you to push up, as the machine keeps it aligned. The barbell bench press will stimulate more stabilizer muscles because of this.

You may be wondering if these stabilizer muscles are really that important in muscle growth. The answer is absolutely. These stabilizers increase your overall strength, which will allow you to lift heavier weights. The heavier weights you can lift, the more muscle growth you’ll have.

Machines do have their benefits. They save you time with setup (no need to manually put on weights), and possibly the biggest reason to use machines is the safety factor. Because there is so much more freedom using free weights, the chances of injury are much higher (for example if you drop the weight on yourself). This can be a very serious issue; however with the proper training and safety, you can easily remove this risk. For example, if you are lifting a weight that may be a bit too heavy, you can ask someone to give you a spot. Also, learning how to do proper form on exercises is critical for your safety and muscle growth.

If your goal is to build up muscle, you should be doing most of your workout exercises with free weights. Keep machine use to a minimum, only using them when you must. The functions of the stabilizers are extremely important to your overall strength. Do not overlook the need for them.

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