Nordic Track Elliptical Trainer Information

By Jim Kesel

The Nordic Track brand name is now owned by Icon Health and Fitness which is one of the largest manufactures of fitness equipment in the world. Nordic Track is known for their SpaceSaver elliptical trainers that have several good features that are unique to a low to mid level elliptical machines. One of their best features is found on Nordic Track ellipticals is the incline ramp on the model CX 938 and CX 1055. This allows you to change the angle and shape of the elliptical stride to work different muscle groups of the lower body. This feature makes this elliptical trainer a true cross trainer.

The Nordic Track Stride Thru or right system also changes the length of stride. Ranging from 18 to 21 inches the stride targets specific muscles groups. The shorter stride will work, tighten and raise the buttocks and slim the hips while the longer strides will help burn calories. The pedals on most models are large enough to allow you to comfortable place your feet for long rides. The upper body workout using the simulated ski poles along with the long strides will also keep you from losing upper body strength and mass that normally accompanies cardio exercise.

Nordic Track elliptical trainers are equipped with SMR (silent magnetic resistance) from Icon that allows a fairly smooth ride. This system allows you to change resistance on the fly without interrupting your workout routine. Nordic Track elliptical trainers like many of Icons elliptical machines have the reputation of being noisy and clunky. The higher end elliptical trainers apparently do not have this problem. Nordic Track includes between 10 and 19 workout programs with its elliptical trainers that will fit most people.

Nordic Track ellipticals also have a console with easy to read LED scan that lets you read it from almost any angle. EKG handle bars will also give you fairly accurate heart rate readings. On some models you must hold the sensors fairly tightly for more than 15 seconds to get any reading at all and on other models the grip sensors give you a read out fairly quickly. Mid range and higher Nordic Track elliptical machines have multi-speed fans which are really appreciated during long rides in non air conditioned sites.

Elliptical trainers costing less than $1100.00 are design for infrequent use in a residential setting. If you are planning on using your elliptical trainer more than twice a week for hard intense rides lasting more than 30 minutes then you should seriously consider moving up to a higher end elliptical machine. Nordic Track has a fairly good warranty that covers frame, parts and labor for one year. It is imperative that if you are purchasing a mid level elliptical trainer that you invest in an extended warranty.

Nordic Track elliptical trainers are very popular. We recommend the mid level ($500 to $900) elliptical machines for casual in home use. Elliptical trainers are probably the best piece of fitness equipment on the market.

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