Nordic Track Elliptical Trainer With Spacesaver

By Jim Kesel

The Nordic Track elliptical cross trainer has a lot of very desirable features that most elliptical trainer user’s desire. The Nordic Track SpaceSaver feature allows the crosstrainer to be folded up for space saving. New design features allow the user to adjust the length of their stride. Changing the stride length allows the targeting of specific muscle groups and facilitates calorie burn. A shorter stride will tighten and lift the buttocks, slim the hips and tone the hamstrings to eliminate the formation of cellulite. A medium stride and fast pace will provides a great cardio workout. The longer stride increases endurance and gives you a high calorie burn workout.

Nordic Track elliptical machines are known to be the best value for the money on the market today. In general Nordic Track elliptical cross trainers are well made and relatively sturdy. Their main features include:

• Adjustable stride length, Stride length adjusts from 14 to 18 inches.

• Changeable intensity levels on the fly with 10 different levels.

• Clear and easy to read LED readout on the console

• Smooth stride that is without jerky or bumpy movements

• Heart rate monitor on the handrails with no attached wires to get in the way.

• Nordic Track SpaceSaver Technology that allows the elliptical cross trainer to be folded up after use.

• Two speed cooling fan that will keep you cool as you burn calories. This simple feature will allow you to workout longer in cool comfort.

• Large comfortable pedals that allow you to adjust your foot position for comfort and to target different muscle groups.

All these feature come together to make the Nordic Track elliptical trainer a good piece of exercise equipment that will help you stay in shape. As a rule of thumb in terms of value and reliability you should expect to pay about $1000 for a good elliptical cross trainer. Currently the median Internet price for the best Nordic Track elliptical is about $800. This is substantially lower then the in store MSRP.

When ever you are purchasing any piece of exercise equipment you need to look closely at the provided standard warranty. Many manufactures only provide bare bones 90 day warranty. This means you must consider purchasing or negotiating for an extended warranty. An ideal warranty should cover at least 1 year of labor and 2 to 3 years parts. Warranties should cover the electronics/console, motor, brakes, frame and all labor costs.

The features of the NordicTrack elliptical make it a great value. Elliptical trainers are about the best piece of exercise equipment that you can own. They allow you to lose weight, tone up and conduct a total body workout all with one convenient piece of exercise equipment. The NordicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical is an exceptional piece of equipment.

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