Strength Interval Training is Key

By Todd Rossi

When you are trying to develop your strength, there are a variety of available methods. Strength interval training is one method that should not be overlooked. First of all, why would you want to devote time to increasing your strength? Well, this type of training is not only for those who are in body building competitions and the like. Rather, everybody has much to gain from muscular development. You use your muscles for nearly everything you set out to do, and strengthening them makes just about everything you engage in come with a greater degree of ease. So leave your misconceptions about weight training behind and embark on a way of living that includes devoting some time to developing your physique.

Resistance training has been around for a long time. Traditional methods of muscular development continue to be a mainstay of fitness fanatics, but those who are looking to get the cutting edge are open to less conventional methods of working out. It is those people who are open to trying new techniques that reap the greatest benefits from their resistance training regimen. The fact of the matter is that your body grows accustomed to exercise and so it stops growing when you routinely engage in the same routine. So even if an exercise program works great for you in the early stages, you will be required to change things up if you want to continue seeing results. And after all, most people are in this deal because they want to see results.

Interval training is a type of exercise program which combines low intensity exercises with high intensity exercises. It is commonly used for cardiovascular routines but can just as effectively be used for strength training. By switching back and forth between high and low intensity intervals, you work your muscles in two different fashions. By doing so, you stimulate maximum muscle growth and create a great possibility for serious gains. When it comes to resistance training, a high intensity interval would be one where you are lifting heavier weights. Conversely, a low intensity interval would be one where you are lifting lighter weights. So a complete program would be one that alternates between lifting heavy and light weights.

While strength interval training can be used for full body work outs or for focus on specific muscle groups, this article will focus on using this type of work out for focusing on a specific muscle group – the chest. A good high intensity exercise for the chest muscles is the bench press. A good low intensity exercise for the chest muscles is the push up. So to put it all together, you would alternate between a set of relatively heavy bench presses and a set of push ups. This may seem difficult at first – and it is – but over time you will become better able to complete more repetitions of each exercise. Start out by performing 3 repetitions on the bench press, followed by a set of 15 push ups. Repeat this cycle three times before moving on to another exercise.

About the Author: Todd Rossi has been studying the most effective ways to train using various interval training methods for years. He integrates them into both is personal and professional life. 12 Minute Revolution


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