Strength Training For Practical Purposes

By Ron Taggy

Some people get into strength training programs simply because they want to be able to flex their muscles and show off their body composition. However, even though they can bench press 300 pounds or more, many of them are unable to do more than three pull ups. They sure do look strong, but the strength serves very little practical purpose. This article is written for the person who wishes to do strength training that actually has real-world benefits.

Many people think that strength training involves machines and free weights. Actually, effective strength training centers around creating the proper muscle tension to create growth and strength. Oftentimes the best way to do this is to utilize your own body weight in conjunction with weights and machines.

In a technical sense, strength is the capacity your body has to exert physical force against resistance. The stronger you are, the more force you have to overcome resistance. This means that you lessen your chance of injury, your body has more capacity to work with objects within the environment, and you can meet a variety of different physical challenges easier. The result is that you feel more confident in your abilities and movements.

So the real goal for strength training for practical purposes is to create strength to better handle the different objects you will encounter in different environments. That is why it is especially important to use body weight training for strength training.

Like I said before, I know many different weightlifters who can bench over 300 pounds but can’t really do any pull ups. If you can’t handle your own body weight very easily, then you are less likely to be at an advantage to use your strength in the real world. Which is not very desirable if you want practical results from strength training.

What type of body weight exercises can you do to increase your strength? Pull ups, curl ups, push ups, jumping squats, sprints, stretches and modified versions of any of the above. There are also a variety of different types of fitness equipment which can help you utilize your own body weight to develop more strength. It would be beneficial for you to research your options in this regard.

If you want to train just to show off your muscles, than you’re simply exercising to become better at exercising than to increase strength. However, if you want to get some tangible results from strength training, consider some of the advice given above.

One final word about strength training — it is better to go about it slow and deliberately than to try to overload yourself for quick results. Your body can only handle so much at once, and if you push it too far outside what it can handle, your recovery times will be slow and you can potentially injure yourself. Also, it is much easier to stick with any strength training program if you set small reachable goals.

In conclusion, I have given you some information about strength training for practical purposes.

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