Strength Training Start-up Guidelines

By Mike Umberger

The essence of exercising is not only getting in shape, but looking and feeling better than you ever have. More and more people are realizing the fact that fitness training can actually make a big difference to their lives. And to talk about fitness without strength training would be quite impossible. Generally, strength training forms the core of most exercise regimens. Whether the aim is to lose weight or to tone up the body, strength training can be really helpful.

Strength training is known by different names such as weight training or resistance training. But the basic objective is to do those exercises which cause your muscles to contract under the tension of weights and other devices. Gradually you develop power and endurance in your muscles and might also experience substantial growth of muscle mass. In addition to this, your metabolism should also increase, which means that will burn more calories at rest.

Starting Off

It is really easy to start strength training and more often that not, all you need is the right degree of motivation. If you are already into fitness training then it can be even easier for you to integrate some strength training exercises in your daily schedule. Even if you are not a gym member, you can start working out at home. Resistance bands and free weights are not expensive at all and can be the best equipment for your foray into the realm of strength training.

If you have the financial resources, it can also be a great idea to install a home gym and hire a personal trainer. After all, nothing can beat the benefits of working out under expert guidance! However, it is important to take care of a few considerations whether you are working under a trainer or by yourself. They are:

Warm Ups

Warming up is necessary before you do strength training exercises. 5-10 minutes of light cardio exercises can bring about a greater degree of flexibility in your muscles than what they had, at rest. A bit of jogging or walking on the treadmill can also increase your heart rate and thus the flow of blood throughout your body. Skipping this part may cause injury to your muscles and so, make sure that you warm up properly.

Cooling Down

Just as it is important to warm up before beginning an exercise session, it is equally necessary to cool down after a strenuous workout. Light stretching and a spot of cardio can help your muscles relax better. Remember that this is an important step in taking your body from rest to activity and then back to rest.

Fuel for Exercise

If you start your journey with a near-empty gas tank, you will never reach your destination. Similarly, exercise is not beneficial when you are feeling hungry. So, it is important to have a healthy meal before exercise. Eat light but enough to suppress hunger. This gives your body the right amount of proteins and carbs to build muscles.

This is the basic know-how you should possess before starting strength training. Strength training, if done properly can help you rediscover yourself and you may be able to achieve a holistic change rather than a cosmetic one. So, get started today!

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