Surf Fitness Training – Training Your Body For Surfing

Surfing is indeed a wonderful and exciting sport but of course, along with the fun of enjoying this particular sport is the challenge of being fit enough to do your best and enjoy the sport to the fullest. To be able to learn a few tips on surf fitness training, here are some of the things that you might find useful.

To help yourself do your best in the sport, you have to plan your surf fitness training and find ways to make your body prepared and your energy optimized to tackle the challenge of riding waves and making good at it.

For your surf fitness training, you have to focus on your core muscles, your upper body, your lower body as well as developing overall flexibility to unleash your full potential to enjoy the sport and avoid injuries as well.

Of course, if you are conditioned and fit for the sport, you will be able to surf longer, and your turns and tricks are more powerful and smoothly done. With proper surf fitness training, you will be able to develop the balance, flexibility and core strength that are needed in executing your surfing tricks.

To start planning your surf fitness training program, you must consider adding some stretching exercises or flexibility exercises before going through the training itself as well as after your workout. If you decide to further your training to plyometrics, a little stretching will help you avoid injuries while doing your workout.

To develop your core strength, which is one of the most important considerations in surfing, you can do some squat exercises and plank exercises as well, and you can also make use of some light exercise equipment to help you develop strength faster as well. Dumbbells and exercise balls are among the most common and easier to use.

However, you have to keep in mind also that if you want to be physically fit for surfing, you have to focus not only in anaerobic exercises but also the aerobic ones. Of course, you will not only need the strength for surfing, but you will also need to improve your endurance for you to last longer and do better in surfing.

Among the aerobic or cardiovascular exercises that will help you unleash your full potential in surfing is to engage in swimming. Of course, it may be obvious, but then again, swimming is indeed one of the best exercises that can improve your surfing skills as well. Running is also another cardiovascular exercise good for your heart as well as in building endurance in surfing.

When it comes to anaerobic exercises, you can however choose a lot of workouts specifically intended for surfing. From shoulder press to press-ups, these can play a major role in improving your surfing skills. Another trend that many surfers are now looking into is yoga. Indeed, yoga can be a very good exercise to develop flexibility, stamina and power in your surfing. Thus, if you want to unleash your surfing power, you have to make sure you have a training program that fits your need in surfing.

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