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Nutrition Fitness Tip: South Beach Diet Explained On this Episode of Empower Your Body Alycia give you a The Nutrition Fitness Tip South Beach Diet Explained

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2012 Elliptical Trainer Best Buys

By Fred Waters

Fred Waters author of the Fitness Equipment Source web site. He has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years and has been providing elliptical trainer reviews over the years to literally 100s of thousands of potential customers. Every year he comes out with his elliptical trainer Best Buy recommendations to assist people in finding the very best value for their body and their budget. He has personally visited the corporate headquarters of each of the models mentioned below and has talked to their top executives. This gives me the type of insight you will not find on other elliptical review sites.

For 2012 there is a continuing trend to offer better quality, more innovation and overall better value . What you can get on a elliptical trainer today would have cost considerably more several years ago.

Our first choice at the competitive $999 is the 2012 NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 PRO. Both the ergonomic features and the innovative technology make it an exceptional deal. Where do I start? The AudioStrider utilizes many of the same design features found on commercial grade Precor ellipticals. NordicTrack leases the patent from Precor. This includes the rear drive design and the Power Incline feature. The rear drive gives a very natural elliptical motion, like running in the air. The Power Incline allows you to incline your elliptical stride, which results in a more intense cardio burn that also targets more lower body muscles.

The AudioStrider 990 PRO is also iFit Live compatible. For an additional fee you get a module that allows the elliptical to communicate with the Internet. You are able to go to and define your fitness goals. iFit Live will download a customized workout routine with audio coaching. Your daily stats are recorded on your account. You can also trace routes on Google Maps and iFit Live will simulate the terrain by controlling the incline. With the use of a laptop or smartphone you can visualize your progress on Google Maps. And if there is a street scene you can actually see yourself running down roads. This technology has redefined cardio exercise equipment.

Next we have the Smooth CE 3.6 elliptical trainer at $1,299. What is most notable about the CE 3.6 is that it is a low maintenance and durable machine with an excellent service record. And that is reflected in the lifetime frame and braking system, 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty. A very generous warranty at this price range, which suggests that the CE 3.6 seldom has service issues. You also get a speaker system, fan, wireless heart rate control, and pedals that pivot with the angle of the elliptical stride.

at the $1,500+ range we chose another NordicTrack product, the E 15.0. This elliptical trainer is loaded with features designed to give you a superior workout and motivate you at the same time. First, you have the ability to both incline and decline the elliptical stride. This lets you simulate going up and down mountains. It also allows you to target more lower body muscles groups. You get a 10″ Google Android Internet Browser that allows you to access your favorite web sites as you exercise. The footpedals can be adjusted to the perfect angle to minimize heal lift and numbness. The flywheel weighs a heavy 32 lbs. giving you a smooth and natural elliptical stride. Life the AudioStrider 990 PRO the NordicTrack E 15.0 comes with iFit Live. In fact, the module is included in the price. With the Android browser you can directly access and view Google Maps without the need of a laptop. Also, when you trace a route the E 15.0 will simulate going both up and down hills with the incline and decline feature. Do to time restraint I left out several other features, but you get the point. The NordicTrack E 15.0 is not your run of the mill elliptical.

At $2,000+ we chose Yowza Fitness Captiva. The Captiva has two features that make this elliptical a stand-out. First, there is the Variable Motion, which varies the motion and stride from 18″-32″. In comparison to a fixed elliptical stride, the Variable Motion exercises more lower body muscles while getting an intense cardio workout. Second, you have the patented Cardio Core Training. In general, the dual handlebars on an elliptical trainer provide minimal results. In contrast, the Captiva has a T-bar that swings from left to right, forcing your body to twist. You target your core muscles like abs and obliques. These two technologies make the Captiva one of the most innovative and effective cross-trainers on the market. This is a serious cardio burning, body toning machine.

Our final choice is one of the best elliptical trainers on the planet, the Precor 5.33. Precor invented the crosstrainer and holds numerous patents that the competition is always trying to work around. The 5.33 excels in its ergonomic and biomechanical features and provides one of the most fluid and natural elliptical motions in the industry. The Precor 5.33 is a commercial grade residential elliptical. In fact, it uses the same frame and many of the components found on their commercial models. The evidence of the durability of this machine is the 10 year parts warranty. The Precor 5.33 costs $4,500, but that is the price you pay for perfection.

So there you have it, the 2012 Best Buy picks. Each of these elliptical trainers are an excellent choice if you are considering a cardio machine for your home.

About the Author: Fred Waters has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years. If you are in the market for an elliptical trainer, you can get his recommendations at Elliptical Trainer Ratings and Reviews site. He assists people in getting the right equipment for their body and their budget.


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Strength Training- What is it and Why is it Important?

By Daniel Clay

A decade ago, people’s daily lifestyle was very different from today. You cycled to work, played baseball with your kids in the backyard, mowed the lawn, washed dishes and so on. Now there are video games, dishwashers and cars. Today’s lifestyle is very sedentary where almost everyone is involved with a desk job or the likes of it. Physical activity has reduced considerably thus resulting in a number of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, chronic heart conditions and so on.

In today’s world with increased stress levels and unhealthy food habits, being physically active is sometimes just not enough. For example, cardio exercises like walking on treadmill and cycling are not sufficient for overall health. Your muscles like any other part of the body also need regular calisthenics. This is where strength training comes into picture.

What is strength training?

Strength training is exercises for your muscles. Here resistance exercises are performed with the intention of increasing muscle mass and strength.

Why strength training?

– Muscles diminish with age. So if they aren’t replaced, then the fat percentage in your body increases. So strength training is essential to improve your muscle mass.

– Muscles have highest metabolic rate. That means even at rest, muscle tissues burn a lot more calories in contrast to fat tissues. Hence strength training helps you to convert your fat tissues into muscles thus enabling weight loss.

– Strength training results in stronger bones. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis (a bone disorder) common in women. So strength training is as important for women as it is for men.

– Strength training also improves the heart muscles thereby enhancing its functioning.

– Strength training improves your appearance as well as the flabs give way to a lean and toned physique. Hence, increased confidence levels.

– Studies have shown that strength training improves concentration and memory too.

– Strength training is a stamina booster.

You can take up strength training no matter what your age is. However, for beginners, the assistance of a personal trainer is advised.

Types of strength training

Weights – The most common form of strength training is weight lifting. Free weights like dumbbells are the most standard equipment used for strength training. The more weights you add, the stronger you become. Elastic bands can also be used for resistance training.

Body weight exercises – Here, your own body weight is used as resistance. Some examples of body weight exercises are pushups and chin ups. This can be hard initially if you are not strong enough.

Machines – There are various resistance machines used for strength training available in the market.

There have been examples of strength training in history too. There is a Greek legend about how Milo of croton trained for strength by carrying a new born calf on his back every day till it was fully grown.

It’s never too late to start with strength training. Strong muscles cannot be achieved overnight. Strength takes time to build. With persistence and dedication, it can be achieved. Make strength training a part of your exercise program today and reap its benefits in the years to come.

About the Author: Dan Clay is a fitness boot camp specialist and owner of Dangerously Fit. If you would like to hire a Personal Trainer Coogee or if you’d like a free trial at a Boot Camp Sydney, visit Sydney Personal Trainers.


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How is Women’s Fitness Different From Men’s Fitness?

By Daniel Clay

Men and women have always, very controversially, been thought to be different. While differences in temperament may be vague and ill-defined, differences in fitness needs are well established. An outdoor fitness program will be very different for a woman from that which is designed for a man.

What are a woman’s fitness needs?

An outdoor fitness workout designed for a woman would focus more on losing weight and toning the muscles. A woman’s fitness goals would not generally comprise of building muscles. Even for a female body-builder, a fitness regime would be different from that of a man’s. It would focus more on developing her bodily strength than making an outward show of a bigger body. A woman also has healthiness more on her list of goals than men do, as women are more prone to becoming ill due to lack of fitness as compared to men. Because of social reasons and to an extent, differences of psyche, women tend to lead more sedentary lives while it is more socially acceptable for men to participate in sports and other forms of outdoor fitness activities.

What is a woman’s fitness program like?

A woman’s fitness program usually focuses more on losing weight than anything else. As excess fat accumulation occurs mostly in the stomach area, sit-ups take up the larger chunk of a woman’s fitness program. There are some models and actresses who do hundreds of sit-ups in a day to maintain a flat stomach. Another important exercise form is squatting. Squats are essential for losing thigh fat as well as toning the thigh muscles and are a must in a woman’s workout. Push-ups aren’t as popular because of the greater exertion they demand. However, push-ups are included for a few sets just to keep the workout balanced. Stretching is also important because they ensure flexibility. Yoga, dancing and Pilates find greater favor with women as these are milder workout forms that work on their over all flexibility and posture.

Why is fitness clothing more important for women?

While a basic men’s fitness outfit can comprise of trainers, an exercise vest or a t-shirt and a pair of track pants or fitness boxers, a woman’s fitness outfit needs to be designed around her softer, delicate frame. Women’s trainers are specially designed for the pressure points in a woman’s feet which are at different places from men’s feet. Women’s track pants or fitness boxers are also less baggier and yet loose, keeping her body type in mind. While women also prefer t-shirts or exercise vests for the upper part of the body, a special exercise bra is a must. These protect the breasts and keep them in place so that women find it easier to exercise.

Women’s fitness is generally not encouraged in society. Unless the woman is an athlete, she is often alone in outdoor fitness pursuits. Women are encouraged to be dancers, but even here the talent factor discourages the non-gifted dancer. However, the human body has definite fitness needs without which it does not function healthily. Every woman should be encouraged to workout at all ages.

About the Author: If you want to book for an Outdoor Fitness Coogee session, or to sign up for a free session at one of the popular boot camps, visit Personal Training Sydney.


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Exercise Equipment and Fitness Equipment at Home

By Adrianna Notton

If you are in the market for exercise equipment and fitness equipment, you might be surprised at how much is available. There are items available for just about every interest and fitness level. The trouble is going to be to decide what you want.

Many people get tired of trying to get to the gym all the time. Sometimes, there just isn’t a convenient location. Or it just seems to take too much out of the day. It’s a lot easier to have a home gym where you can do a quick workout whenever you feel like it.

The first thing you may need to do is figure out how much room you have. There are many different options, depending on the amount of space you have available. Once you figure out your space, you’ll need to decide how you want to use it.

A basic thing to decide is whether you are interested in something for cardio, for building muscle or both. A lot of people decide to get some items so that they can do both effectively. This can be done with a minimum of room.

For example, if you want to get a good cardio workout, you can look at a treadmill, elliptical machine, rower or stationary bicycle. Some of these are made to take up limited amounts of space. For example, you can find treadmills that will fold up so they are easy to store out of the way.

If you are interested in muscle toning, there are home gyms constructed so that you can work out your entire body using just the one piece of equipment. These will take up a bit more space but certainly nothing like having a machine for each body part.

The other option for muscle tone, which will take less space but may be a bit more inconvenient for some, are free weights. You can get a few different size dumbbells or both dumbbells and barbells that you add weights on to. Start out with just as much as you need for right now and buy more as you build your strength.

You may want to get a bench to go with your weights or many people now choose to use a ball instead. These can be a nice alternative because balancing on one can help you to develop your core strength as well. This is an area that is weak in many people, especially because so many sit at desks all day.

These are the basics but there are a lot more accessories that you can get to round out your gym. Mats are great for doing stretching and sit-ups. Resistance bands are also a good way to work on muscle tone and can be easier on the body than weights. Jump ropes make a great addition to cardio workouts.

Exercise equipment and fitness equipment can be found to fit every need, both with regard to space and fitness goals. Take a look at what is available that will work within the space you have. Then have fun getting into shape.

About the Author: Fitness equipment store provides a wide variety of fitness equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and power plate vibrating machines.


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Fitness – Intense Boot Camp Workout

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Discount Fitness Equipment | Discount Gym Equipment Tips All the resources you need to know about discount fitness equipment. We provide it all for FREE. Read and learn more about discount fitness equipment. Before every thing, lets not confuse the two terms discount fitness equipment and used fitness equipment. Its no problem for us to get discount fitness equipment. There are many places to find discount fitness equipment. There are many different ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to believe when buying used fitness equipment, but most used equipment, offers more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’. Among the arguments against are the likeliness the equipment isn’t in good shape, will probably have no warranty, and may not arrive as described on auction web sites or Craigslist. Horror stories abound about the online scams on eBay and Craigslist, despite determined efforts to police those websites. Summary: Discount fitness equipment is the best way to start keeping our body healthy and fitness

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Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review

We recently purchased a Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. Rowing machines are a great way to get a full body workout. I show you how the machine is put together and to use it. I also give you my opinion on how effective a workout it gives you. Be sure to check my blog post at for more information and links to resources you can use to get the most from your rowing machine.

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