Strength Training- What is it and Why is it Important?

By Daniel Clay

A decade ago, people’s daily lifestyle was very different from today. You cycled to work, played baseball with your kids in the backyard, mowed the lawn, washed dishes and so on. Now there are video games, dishwashers and cars. Today’s lifestyle is very sedentary where almost everyone is involved with a desk job or the likes of it. Physical activity has reduced considerably thus resulting in a number of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, chronic heart conditions and so on.

In today’s world with increased stress levels and unhealthy food habits, being physically active is sometimes just not enough. For example, cardio exercises like walking on treadmill and cycling are not sufficient for overall health. Your muscles like any other part of the body also need regular calisthenics. This is where strength training comes into picture.

What is strength training?

Strength training is exercises for your muscles. Here resistance exercises are performed with the intention of increasing muscle mass and strength.

Why strength training?

– Muscles diminish with age. So if they aren’t replaced, then the fat percentage in your body increases. So strength training is essential to improve your muscle mass.

– Muscles have highest metabolic rate. That means even at rest, muscle tissues burn a lot more calories in contrast to fat tissues. Hence strength training helps you to convert your fat tissues into muscles thus enabling weight loss.

– Strength training results in stronger bones. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis (a bone disorder) common in women. So strength training is as important for women as it is for men.

– Strength training also improves the heart muscles thereby enhancing its functioning.

– Strength training improves your appearance as well as the flabs give way to a lean and toned physique. Hence, increased confidence levels.

– Studies have shown that strength training improves concentration and memory too.

– Strength training is a stamina booster.

You can take up strength training no matter what your age is. However, for beginners, the assistance of a personal trainer is advised.

Types of strength training

Weights – The most common form of strength training is weight lifting. Free weights like dumbbells are the most standard equipment used for strength training. The more weights you add, the stronger you become. Elastic bands can also be used for resistance training.

Body weight exercises – Here, your own body weight is used as resistance. Some examples of body weight exercises are pushups and chin ups. This can be hard initially if you are not strong enough.

Machines – There are various resistance machines used for strength training available in the market.

There have been examples of strength training in history too. There is a Greek legend about how Milo of croton trained for strength by carrying a new born calf on his back every day till it was fully grown.

It’s never too late to start with strength training. Strong muscles cannot be achieved overnight. Strength takes time to build. With persistence and dedication, it can be achieved. Make strength training a part of your exercise program today and reap its benefits in the years to come.

About the Author: Dan Clay is a fitness boot camp specialist and owner of Dangerously Fit. If you would like to hire a Personal Trainer Coogee or if you’d like a free trial at a Boot Camp Sydney, visit Sydney Personal Trainers.


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