The Kevin Durant Challenge (USA Olympic Athlete)

Kevin Durant may not have won the NBA Championship but his dreams are still coming true this summer. As a member of Team USA for the 2012 London Olympic Games, Kevin is living out his childhood dream of competing in the Olympics. While you might not be a 6 foot 9 basketball player, you can still work out like one! Curious about what Kevin’s fitness routine is? Check out GE’s new Facebook app, HealthyShare, where you can get fitness tips, share your own health goals, and let your friends’ support motivate you. Kevin Durant wants you to get healthy. Are you up to the challenge? Get started at:

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Funniest Treadmill Accident Ever

I was just playing around, doing this for fun. I was going 7.0 miles per hour. I didn’t mean to fall… it wasn’t even my house. It cost about 70 bucks to fix, and fixed it within 4 days. Oh boy, my friends mom was pretty pissed when she saw that. If I was her child, she probably would’ve killed me.

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Treadmill falls apart

A guy on a treadmill falls and tears apart the treadmill. Cheap treadmill break, friends laughing running run.

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