UFC Personal Trainer: Matt Weight Loss Trailer

Listen to the story of Matt who lost weight and got healthy thanks to the new exercise game UFC Personal Trainer: Ultimate Fitness System.


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Guys Thanks for everyone that is participating, i sincerely mean it and hope many of you participate and support us while we do this. all i ask is you try, even if you dont lose a single pound, trying is where its at, if you are willing to try and follow the rules send in a video response doing all that was stated. the top 3 weight loss participants will earn 1$ for every pound lost, as long as they have proof and before and after pictures and video. the number one weight loss participant will also be featured in a weight real talk dual commentary with me aswell, on top of the cash prize. hope you appreciate and participate, the real prize will be losing the weight and becoming more healthier. this challenge will last until around the first of september, during that time ill post another video asking you to send in your final responses and if you accomplished your goals. thanks for the love and enjoy the summer guys.



How to get tons of TNT – Minecraft Tutorial 01

I show you step by step how to build a large and effective monster generating machine and farmer. Fully automated. Things to remember : 1. Build 15 blocks above bedrock to avoid slimes 2. Dig out at least about 64-80 blocks away from your collection point in order to get a decent amount of spawns. Also make it pretty wide as well. 3. Try to find and place torches in all cave systems within 80-90 spaces away from your collection area or monsters will spawn in there and reduce the amount that spawns in your dark room. 4. Be careful when placing water in the corners because it will create an endless stream 5. Don’t do water ALL the way back. Only 2 sections like I show in the video. Watch my HD Gaming stream! : www.justin.tv Get my custom texture pack : www.painterlypack.net Download my gave save to try it for yourself! http


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Building an AMD Phenom 2 965 gaming pc step by step. 2011 (crossfireX.)

Yup I did it again, building my machine bigger,stronger,faster and better. Here I put the Msi 790 mobo to good use and build this beast of a machine. I put everything together step by step. You see me do it all in this 30 minute tut. So if you’re into that kind of stuff then you will like this video, if you’re not into long tutorials then you will more than likely thumbs down this video and then leave to look for another tutorial because your attention span can’t handle awesomeness of such lengths. www.youtube.com specs AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition 3.80GHz patriot 8GB 2000mhz DDR3 2x Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 1GB DDR5 OC crossfire Western Digital Caviar Blue Hard Drive 1TB, 7200RPM Diablotek RPM series 950watt psu Microsoft Sidewinder x5 Gaming Mouse Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


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