A Trouble-free Step by Step Guide to Write Term Papers (Part 1)

By Alec Griffin

Writing a term paper becomes a really tough task if you don’t have a proper help or guideline. For the reason that your teacher can not write you your term paper but can only guide you with his tips and tricks, you need to pull this thing off by your own. So this paper is something that’s going to help you a lot in writing your term papers. However, you will need to give real attention to every part of this article to make sure that you understand each and everything thoroughly and finally become able to write your paper.

Step 1 Getting prepared:

Get into your room, lock the door and sit on a comfortable chair. Sit back, close your eyes and think about the topic of the assignment. Try hard on thinking about everything that comes to your mind that’s related to the topic you have to write your term paper on. If you have not been assigned with a term paper topic, its time for you to decide one. Don’t push yourself too much to come up with the topic but try to recall all the lectures you attended in your classes and all the material that you have read during your course work. Now open your eyes and note down all the ideas that you came across on a paper.

Step 2 checking the prerequisites:

Now its time to gather some information, but before you do so read the ‘instructions manual’ of your custom term papers so that you don’t waste anytime in finding or gathering wrong material over the internet. Read the terms thoroughly and find out how many words your term papers have to contain, what areas of study it has to cover, what style of referencing it requires and which sources are allowed to be added. Sometimes both internal and external sources can be added to a paper but sometimes you are not allowed to use external sources and have to stick to the course books only. Usually people think that if they are not allowed to use the internet sources they can’t write the custom term papers as internet is must for writing academic custom term papers, but it’s totally wrong. If one has paid attention to what he learned in the classes then he doesn’t need to go anywhere to find the information as everyththing is there in the course books and the rest of it has to be written by coming up with own ideas and thoughts.

Step 3 Prepare the data gathering process:

If you are allowed or asked to gather material from internet to add in your term papers, start off by connecting to internet and searching for the material related to your field of study. Make sure you select the authentic sources to gather the date as unauthentic sources can lead you to some real bad consequences and your entire paper can be ruined. The most reliable and utilizable sources I consider are wikipedia, Google books and PDF search engines. Of course, for the basic searching I recommend Google as it has the widest aggregation of data which is more than any other search engine. The next part will be about the actual data gathering for custom term papers.

To be continued…

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