WaterRower Rowing Machine

A video overview of the “Natural” series WaterRower Rowing Machine www.waterrower.com http www.waterrower.fr http


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TMW: Use Gym Equipment As Directed

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diet solution program for life

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2012 Elliptical Trainer Best Buys

By Fred Waters

Fred Waters author of the Fitness Equipment Source web site. He has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years and has been providing elliptical trainer reviews over the years to literally 100s of thousands of potential customers. Every year he comes out with his elliptical trainer Best Buy recommendations to assist people in finding the very best value for their body and their budget. He has personally visited the corporate headquarters of each of the models mentioned below and has talked to their top executives. This gives me the type of insight you will not find on other elliptical review sites.

For 2012 there is a continuing trend to offer better quality, more innovation and overall better value . What you can get on a elliptical trainer today would have cost considerably more several years ago.

Our first choice at the competitive $999 is the 2012 NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 PRO. Both the ergonomic features and the innovative technology make it an exceptional deal. Where do I start? The AudioStrider utilizes many of the same design features found on commercial grade Precor ellipticals. NordicTrack leases the patent from Precor. This includes the rear drive design and the Power Incline feature. The rear drive gives a very natural elliptical motion, like running in the air. The Power Incline allows you to incline your elliptical stride, which results in a more intense cardio burn that also targets more lower body muscles.

The AudioStrider 990 PRO is also iFit Live compatible. For an additional fee you get a module that allows the elliptical to communicate with the Internet. You are able to go to iFit.com and define your fitness goals. iFit Live will download a customized workout routine with audio coaching. Your daily stats are recorded on your iFit.com account. You can also trace routes on Google Maps and iFit Live will simulate the terrain by controlling the incline. With the use of a laptop or smartphone you can visualize your progress on Google Maps. And if there is a street scene you can actually see yourself running down roads. This technology has redefined cardio exercise equipment.

Next we have the Smooth CE 3.6 elliptical trainer at $1,299. What is most notable about the CE 3.6 is that it is a low maintenance and durable machine with an excellent service record. And that is reflected in the lifetime frame and braking system, 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty. A very generous warranty at this price range, which suggests that the CE 3.6 seldom has service issues. You also get a speaker system, fan, wireless heart rate control, and pedals that pivot with the angle of the elliptical stride.

at the $1,500+ range we chose another NordicTrack product, the E 15.0. This elliptical trainer is loaded with features designed to give you a superior workout and motivate you at the same time. First, you have the ability to both incline and decline the elliptical stride. This lets you simulate going up and down mountains. It also allows you to target more lower body muscles groups. You get a 10″ Google Android Internet Browser that allows you to access your favorite web sites as you exercise. The footpedals can be adjusted to the perfect angle to minimize heal lift and numbness. The flywheel weighs a heavy 32 lbs. giving you a smooth and natural elliptical stride. Life the AudioStrider 990 PRO the NordicTrack E 15.0 comes with iFit Live. In fact, the module is included in the price. With the Android browser you can directly access and view Google Maps without the need of a laptop. Also, when you trace a route the E 15.0 will simulate going both up and down hills with the incline and decline feature. Do to time restraint I left out several other features, but you get the point. The NordicTrack E 15.0 is not your run of the mill elliptical.

At $2,000+ we chose Yowza Fitness Captiva. The Captiva has two features that make this elliptical a stand-out. First, there is the Variable Motion, which varies the motion and stride from 18″-32″. In comparison to a fixed elliptical stride, the Variable Motion exercises more lower body muscles while getting an intense cardio workout. Second, you have the patented Cardio Core Training. In general, the dual handlebars on an elliptical trainer provide minimal results. In contrast, the Captiva has a T-bar that swings from left to right, forcing your body to twist. You target your core muscles like abs and obliques. These two technologies make the Captiva one of the most innovative and effective cross-trainers on the market. This is a serious cardio burning, body toning machine.

Our final choice is one of the best elliptical trainers on the planet, the Precor 5.33. Precor invented the crosstrainer and holds numerous patents that the competition is always trying to work around. The 5.33 excels in its ergonomic and biomechanical features and provides one of the most fluid and natural elliptical motions in the industry. The Precor 5.33 is a commercial grade residential elliptical. In fact, it uses the same frame and many of the components found on their commercial models. The evidence of the durability of this machine is the 10 year parts warranty. The Precor 5.33 costs $4,500, but that is the price you pay for perfection.

So there you have it, the 2012 Best Buy picks. Each of these elliptical trainers are an excellent choice if you are considering a cardio machine for your home.

About the Author: Fred Waters has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 15 years. If you are in the market for an elliptical trainer, you can get his recommendations at Elliptical Trainer Ratings and Reviews site. He assists people in getting the right equipment for their body and their budget.

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Personal Training Workout Tips with Rob Riches. Part 7: Biceps

::Watch parts 8, 9, & 10 exclusively at www.robrichesfitness.com:: Fitness personality and cover model, Rob Riches, is back in the gym to share with you his workout tips for building a fitter, stronger, healthier body. Filmed in the world famous Legacy Gym in Southern California, Rob demonstrates how to work each main muscle group through a variety of different exercises, using variations and modifications to ensure complete conditioning and development of the muscle. Whether you’re an aspiring competitor, model, athlete, or just want to get that fit, healthy look, you’ll learn how to do each exercise properly, and feel muscles that you’ve never felt worked before, helping you achieve results much faster. Subscribe to Rob’s YouTube channel, and see new video’s as soon as they’re uploaded. All exercises are available on one DVD, and can be purchased at Rob’s online fitness store: www.robrichesstore.com For more video’s, photo’s and daily health and fitness tips, follow rob on his social network sites below twitter.com/robriches facebook: The Official Rob Riches Fitness Group robrichesfitness.com mycontestprep.com


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Urban Exercise Equipment – Rails – Parkour Training and Conditioning

For a full guide to this video, please visit: www.americanparkour.com Exercise equipment is not limited to your local gym or recreation center. It can be found anywhere and at any time. However, to see the equipment that is all around you, you must change the way you view your environment. As a traceur, you already have a head start on gaining this perspective; you see obstacles as opportunities for movement. A natural variation of this perspective is to also see obstacles as exercise equipment. An every day, common rail, bench, tree, or wall can all be turned into an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment. In this edition of Urban Exercise Equipment, we will explore the exercise possibilities of a basic rail.


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FreeMotion Strider s7.8 Fitness Equipment

This patent-pending machine blends the low-impact stride of ellipticals and the calorie burn from incline training. The best part is – you define your stride. No other cardio machine gives you up to 44 inches of natural striding motion in a small footprint. 44-inch Variable Stride This patent-pending machine blends the low-impact stride of ellipticals and the calorie burn from incline training. The best part is, you define your stride. No other cardio machine gives you up to 44″ of natural striding motion in a small footprint. This unique footpath allows you to engage your hamstrings and glutes for more muscle activation and calorie burning than walking and running. Regardless of your height, you are free to move through YOUR natural range of motion. Cooling Fan Get more from your workout. The integrated fan offers you cooling comfort, even during intense training, so you can work out longer. Stride Ladderâ„¢ Keep up the pace and view your stride in real time. This unique console feature lets you know where you are in your workout and when you need to kick it up a notch to meet your fitness goals. Integrated Speakers Plug in your iPod and get pumped up listening to your favorite workout mix. The integrated speakers offer premium sound quality and can be hooked up to additional external speakers. Upgradable to Workout TV Console Sight and sound combine to give you the ultimate in workout entertainment. With the optional Workout TV upgrade and integrated speakers, you’re


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3 Basic Natural Bodybuilding Tips – The Rules of Natural Bodybuilding

By Alex Allmert

3 Best Natural Bodybuilding Tips

Different people lift weights for different reasons. Some people only wish to get in shape and other folks just look at it as a fun hobby. And then, there are those hoping to pack on as much of a substantial amount of muscle tone as possible. Yes, bodybuilding can be about developing a really muscular and sculpted physique. And why would such a goal not be pursued? Having a massive amount of lean muscle mass on one’s body certainly is really quite impressive! Of course, wanting to develop a solid amount of muscle mass vs. actually being able to develop such muscle size would be two entirely different creatures. Some may even say it is difficult to pack on mass without using all manner of synthetic supplements. Is that true? No, it is most definitely not. There are many ways to develop a large amount of muscle mass and do so in a natural way. Here are three extremely helpful natural bodybuilding tips that could prove to be quite impactful on your training program:

Tip One – Raise the amount of protein in your diet. The purpose for this is that protein is greatly considered the building blocks of all muscle growth. Protein will help build muscle in a number of ways. One reason is that protein assists with repairing and rebuilding the muscle after it has been worked out to a great degree. Try to remember, when you are pumping iron at a relatively high intensity, your muscles will be torn down somewhat. This means the muscle tissue will need to be properly repaired and protein helps you achieve this. The protein sources that you should take are lean ones. That means chicken, turkey, egg whites, etc as opposed to red meat. You do not want to ingest a lot of fat along with your protein intake…unless you’re bulking up.

Tip Two – Diversify your training program. There are dozens of steps that can be followed in order to yield solid gains such as split training programs, supersetting your workouts, employing static contractions (isometrics) in your lifts, etc. The common process of merely increasing weight and reps will not deliver significant results. At a particular point, this method hits a threshold and it does not present any improvements. It may even lead to a loss of gains. You have to change your training routine every few months to see impactful results. This can be seen the most challenging of all natural bodybuilding tips but it can provide outstanding results, the flipside of this would be program hopping every few days which is not recommended.

Tip Three – Get an adequate amount of rest. While it is easy to understand that some will prefer to hit the gym seven days a week this is definitely not the best approach to take. how come? The body develops muscle when it is relaxed and at rest. Muscles do not grow when you are working out. They get bigger when you are resting. Thus, you need to get a minimum of two full days of rest to see serious muscle mass gains. Consider that as among the most important of all natural bodybuilding tips, this goes both for sleep and just being stress free in the course of your daily life.

Most high quality natural bodybuilding tips are fairly basic in concept. Sticking with them is not all that hard and the results will be amazing.

About the Author: Take a look at Alex’s blog, the blog is at hardcorenaturalbodybuildingtips.com Hardcore Natural Bodybuilding Tips Copyright

Natural Bodybuilding – 5 Elements For A Complete Bodybuilding System

By Gerry Marsh

Natural bodybuilding, whether you are a beginning bodybuilder or a seasoned pro requires that your bodybuilding program is a complete system. You simply cannot build masses of muscles quickly and maintain a toned, sculpted body by going about bodybuilding in a haphazard fashion.

Natural bodybuilding is not about tossing all of the bodybuilding supplements in the trash and then spending countless hours in the gym training hard. This will only lead to exhaustion and potential injury.

There are many bodybuilding programs available to choose from that offer natural bodybuilding methods. Most of these programs are good as far as they go. But many of them only provide part of the picture and do not provide a complete system for natural bodybuilding.

Building muscle requires that five elements be included in any natural bodybuilding program:

=> Strength training

=> Aerobic Exercise

=> Endurance Training

=> Proper Diet With Healthy Nutrition

=> Rest – Including Adequate Sleep

If you make sure your program includes all five elements, you will build muscle faster and actually spend less time in the gym.

Strength training is usually done in the gym and can take very little time if done correctly. Your workout can take as little as three minutes, three times a week, working two muscle groups each day, for roughly one and a half minutes. But you need to put maximum effort into it. If you can do more than 6 or 8 reps, you are not working your muscles hard enough.

Follow strength training with aerobics to build endurance. You really don’t need to think about this as long as you are doing everything else. Endurance will build on its own, naturally.

Don’t think of aerobic exercise as something you do just to lose weight. Even if you are not trying to lose weight aerobic exercise is still necessary. It helps build muscle, keeps fat off, builds endurance, and strengthens your heart. Some type of aerobic activity three times per week is essential in a natural bodybuilding program.

You have to feed your muscles if you want them to grow. If you do not get enough proper nutrition, they will actually feed on themselves. Follow a good, healthy diet for muscle building. Include protein, as well as other needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Rest is something that is often overlooked in our busy world but it is crucial to build muscles. You are not building muscles while you are lifting weights. Your muscles grow when they are at rest. They need this down time to rest and repair themselves. If you are tired, so are your muscles. Get adequate rest and help you muscles grow.

The best natural bodybuilding programs cover all of the essential elements in several ways. Most programs include ebooks, special reports, audio and sometimes video. The top bodybuilding programs also include ongoing coaching as well software to track your nutrition and workout progress.

And all natural bodybuilding programs stress building muscles and getting toned without the benefit of synthetic drugs that come out of someones’ lab. Supplements are important, but they should be natural, wholesome supplements, not dangerous drugs.

About the Author: Reviews of two of the best natural bodybuilding programs can be found at The Musclehead and No-Nonsense Bodybuilding.

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