Teenage Weight Loss Issues

Obesity is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon with the USA at its heart. Most people accept that this epidemic is the fault of the poor western diet, both within western countries and now being exported to others through the media and advertising. This, coupled with the growing inactive lifestyle choices people are making is causing huge numbers of us to get fat. With the ever-present propensity of younger people to engage in humiliation and teasing being overweight is a more common problem for our teenagers than ever before.

The distractions available to teenagers is greater than it has ever been in the past and they tend more and more to center around games consoles, PCs and television, all of which are highly inactive pastimes. The result of these sedentary existences and poor, fat and sugar laden diets is of course weight gain and eventually obesity.

It’s upsetting for both parents and their children to suffer from teenage obesity. The overweight of all ages are all too often the subject of someone’s ridicule and teasing, the sight of which is distasteful to all and more distressing for parents. So if someone wants to do something about a weight problem how can they achieve sensible teenage weight loss?

If you’re a teenager tying to lose weight then the means to losing fat are the same as they are for anyone else, namely sufficient exercise and a balanced diet. As we’ve already mentioned there are so many distractions and hobbies that a teenager can have today that don’t require much, if any physical exertion. But there are other reasons why many teenagers avoid exercising. For instance young girls are often concerned about developing too much muscle. This is really an unfounded concern because building muscle takes time and you can stop long before you see yourself getting too much muscle. Besides, it’s relatively easy to tone up and look leaner than it is to really bulk up.

The second reason people and teens in particular avoid working out, especially in a gym environment, is that they often lack the confidence and are frightened of being mocked. Unfortunately, this can of course mean that they never tackle their weight problems, possibly feeling depressed and trapped in their situation. Ironically the best way to lift mood, overcome anxiety and gain confidence is to become fitter and healthier through exercise. By exercising the body releases endorphins which will naturally make you feel happier and generally good about yourself.

There are of course a lot of teenagers out there who don’t need to lose weight but could still benefit from engaging in exercise. Regular workouts and training sessions can make everyone look better through a leaner body and clearer skin. I’m sure almost every teenager has skin worries for a period of time so exercise can really help clear those pores and a good diet will help too.

Teenagers thinking about following a weight loss program can find it more difficult than adults. Everyone finds a weight loss program challenging, especially at first and often teenagers may not have the confidence or perseverance to see things through. That is where their support networks come in to offer moral support, praise and encouragement to help them avoid temptations and keep them on the straight and narrow.

The best support a teenager trying to lose weight can get is from friends and family and if that’s not possible then they can get it from others who have already been through it via various support networks or even on weight loss forums

If you’re interested in losing weight or just want to find out more about teenage weight loss, you’ll find a wealth of dietary information and tips throughout my site, including a great review of the The Diet Solution Program.

Nothing in this article should be construed as instruction or advice and before beginning any diet appropriate medical advice should be obtained.

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