The Best Home Fitness Equipment

By Ramone Stevenson

If you’ve decided it’s time to get fit good for you. Many decide they’d rather do it from the comfort of home and that’s a great idea because you don’t have to try to find time to get to the gym. It’s all in the comfort of your home. But you’ll want to get the best home fitness equipment your budget can handle.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go broke to get fit at home. Yes there are those fancy machines that can break your pocket book but you really don’t need them to stay fit. There are some excellent fitness equipment options that are very affordable. These 10 basics for your home gym which will help you get into shape in no time!

1. Weight lifting gloves

Although not a piece of equipment but certainly essential to avoid developing calluses on your hands and to provide you with a much better grip your weights making using your fitness equipment a lot safer.

2. Weight Training For Dummies

This great little book just can’t be beaten for simplicity, ease of use, terrific diagrams, and a little bit of humor too. Although there are plenty of weight training books available this is by far the best in my books and the perfect way to learn about your fitness equipment.

3. An Exercise Mat

Your exercise mat is the most basic equipment you’ll need. You can use this to do your weight work outs, abs workouts, and for general stretching before moving on to your fitness equipment.

4. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment to have. It’s good for strengthening the back, doing ab workouts, and doing overall strengthening and toning exercises. It even works great for sitting on while working on the computer or watching TV.

5. Ankle Weights

Cheap and a great addition to your fitness equipment. They are nice and compact so you can even drag them along if you travel and they are perfect for a variety of lower leg work outs including toning and strengthening exercises.

6. Barbells

A barbell set lets you do heavier weights and it also allows you to do a nice range of exercise. You’ll get a bar plus around 160 pounds of weights so you’ll be able to do squats, and lower leg exercises. Your barbell is an important part of your fitness equipment.

7. Hex Dumbbell Set

A 100 pound dumbbell set is best but you can get away with a 50 pound set. You need a minimum of two 5 pound, two 8 pound, and two 12 pound weights to complete your fitness equipment basics.

8. Bench

Your bench is a basic part of your fitness equipment needed to do chest and back exercises. It’s also good for abs and triceps work outs. Make sure the bench you buy is adjustable so you can incline it or decline it.

9. Resistance bands

Your fitness equipment needs to include resistance bands which will allow you to give your full body a workout. And they are so small you can pack them anywhere you go. These bands are perfect to work different muscle groups in a variety of ways that are different than your weights so they provide excellent versatility to avoid gain plateaus.

10. Cardiovascular

Your cardiovascular equipment might include a stationary bike, a treadmill, or a step. The step is used quite regularly with aerobic type exercises in.

That’s it! That’s all the fitness equipment you need to do a full workout. Now that’s not so bad is it? You’ll be fit in no time at all!

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