The Diet Solution Program – Scam? – Click here to read more about the diet solution program Hi everyone! I’m Melissa. I’ve had a weight loss website for about 3 years now (maybe more?) and many of you have seen me experiment and trial different weight loss methods. I’ve taken Hoodia, Acai Berry and endured the Lemonade Master Cleanse for 8 days! Now I’m trying a more natural healthy approach. Since moving out of home my eating habits have changed immensely. I don’t crash diet anymore and am hoping this ebook will help me change my lifestyle so that I can stay thin all year round. Subscribe to my videos, I’m going to update with my progress on the Diet Solution Program. I’ve just skimmed through the books so far and there’s a lot of helpful information already! I’m so excited to start. Ok enough rambling now 🙂 Enjoy the vid Ps: I don’t know what happened at the end, the video and audio is out of sync. Sorry!

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