The Horizon Elliptical Trainer- A Review

By Boricua

The Horizon Elliptical Trainer is a high quality machine; there is no doubt about it. It was produced by Johnson Health Tech Inc.’s fitness division. They conduct extensive research and do all of their development work ot of their facility in Madison, Wisconsin. They have 25 years of experience under their belt in the practice of producing extremely high quality elliptical machines.

Horizon themselves have managed to build a solid reputation for offering affordable prices without compromising quality in the process. As a matter of fact, they like to put a lot of emphasis on detail and advanced features in their products. It would be easy to miss these things at first glance if you weren’t looking close enough. However, once you start to take a closer look at its features you will see that the Horizon Elliptical Trainer is a high quality machine that is going to last a very long time, if not an entire lifetime. This is because the craftsmanship is top-notch, and it boasts mega power! It has advanced features like PWM circuit boards and well balanced wide diameter rollers. Such features are what set this machine apart from other similar products in its industry. It is obvious that every Horizon Elliptical trainer was expertly crafted, because the frame is made of solid steel. This means that it is going to be more stable and secure for its users during workouts. There is also a very durable finish to the machine thanks to the powder coating paint. Such seemingly subtle details go a long way in achieving the creation of a high quality machine.

Every machine comes equipped with a dual operating system. It is comprised of level motors that are designed to maintain superior performance to drive and at the same time elevate the various components of the Horizon elliptical trainer exercise machine.

Horizon has gone to great lengths to make sure that all of their machines perform properly. They made sure that all electrical components are intact on all machines that they turn out. This is another example of their great attention to detail. Horizon has also carefully and meticulously designed the entire circuit system in an effort to ensure complete consistency and top-notch quality in the performance of all of the electrical parts installed on this machine. The balance of the rollers is a very important feature. The performance and durability of the machine depends solely upon whether or not it has the right kind of rollers. Horizon has successfully managed to create such balance. Users have also commented on how they love the sleek frame design. Horizon has also succeeded in producing a machine that is suitable for both the fitness club circuit as well as use in the home. Other manufacturers seem to only target the fitness club market for some reason. The Horizon Elliptical Trainer is pretty advanced, and would work well for pretty much anyone. It is an ideal machine for a family that has multiple members with varying degrees of fitness needs.

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