Used Fitness Equipment – Is It Worth It?

Having your own home gym and your own fitness equipment at home is great. Dealing with all the hassles and nonsense of public gyms can be a pain and apart from that there is the obvious costs involved in paying membership fees. Whats great about a gym though is the fact that it has such a variety of equipment. It has everything you need to get in great shape – and some. So, how can you have your own home gym without breaking the bank?

The answer may be used fitness equipment. Not only is it much cheaper but it will actually allow you to buy enough equipment to make your home gym worth while. You cannot have a real home gym without sufficient equipment and having to dish out $5,000 to buy 3 or 4 decent machines is a lot. By opting for used equipment you can easily get a base gym up for $2000 or less. Obviously it depends on the level of training you want to do, but getting the basics is good enough for a start.

Most people shrug at the idea of “second hand” equipment and think that its probably no good. The truth is that you can think of used fitness equipment as you think about a used car. Because its build to last its very robust and can handle a lot of wear and tear. If you look at the work rate of most gym machines its clear that the good brands are built to last.

The secret to buying second hand equipment is to always stick to familiar brands. Its also important that you buy something that is in good working order. The best option is to buy refurbished equipment. There are a number of companies that buy up old gym equipment, give it a complete overhaul and then sell it again – often with a warranty. You really cannot go wrong with these. Its still a bit more expensive but at about 50% less than the brand new versions it means you can get twice as much for the same money without compromising on the quality.

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