V-Fit Fitness Equipment Review

By Josh Davidson

The V-Fit range of equipment covers all aspects of home fitness and provides quality products at reasonable prices. V-Fit is a renowned brand that manufactures various fitness equipments such as steppers, rowing machines, exercise cycles, elliptical trainers and sophisticated electronic treadmills. In addition to the products mentioned above V-Fit also produces a wide range of equipments including cross trainers, steppers and oscillating plates. The accessories manufactured by the company include Free Weights while other notable products include Multigyms and Spinning Flywheel Cardio Bikes.

V-Fit manufactures various kinds of exercise bikes and their variants to cater to the needs of everyone. Some of the famous bikes include 07MMC Manual Magnetic Exercise Cycle, 07PMC Programmable Magnetic Cycle, 09ATC Aerobic Training Cycle (Blue), AC2 Apollo Air Resistance Exercise, Aurora Triple Action Exercise Bike, SC1-P Aerobic Training Exercise Bike and Starter Exercise Bike. The names enumerate their features on most occasions.

There are various innovative features incorporated in V-Fit exercise bikes as enumerated below. Most V-Fir exercise bikes will have a sturdy steel frame, single/sual/triple Cycle Action, saddle aeight Adjustment and a maximum user weight of more than 100 kgs.

The exercise monitor on exercise bikes will normally be a large LCD screen, having a mlutiple-Function features. The monitor shows the amount of calories burnt, the distance covered (in Miles / Km), function scan, Pulse Rate (in Beats / Minute) based on inputs from the handgrip, recovery, speed (in MPH / Kmh), time (in minutes / seconds) and watts. Such features enhance the products and make work outs fun and result oriented at the same time.

V-Fit range of equipment comprises of such complete and innovative sets of equipments as V-Fit ST 09 Starter Pack, V-Fit Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, V-Fit Pro Power 13 in 1 Training Bench and V-Fit ST 09 Weight Bench. All the products, as their name suggests, cater to specific requirements and have many advanced features that almost guarantees superior results. For example, if we consider the features of the V-Fit Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, we find that it is one of the best value for money equipment in its class having such great features as magnetic resistance, large LCD screen, hand grip pulse sensors, 6 Kg of cast iron flywheel, 1 year warranty and great affordability. Similarly if we analyze the features of the V-Fit ST 09 Weight Bench, we find that the equipment has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a home equipment. A well padded vinyl Seat & backrest offers a comfortable workout, and a flat and inclined bench positions offer variation and versatility. A multi-position exercise regime is highly recommended for focusing on a wide range of muscle groups. The equipment is ideal for a complete body work out as it provides options for a complete lower and upper body work out.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that equipments manufactured by V-Fit are state of the art and have features to satisfy the most users. The products have great design and have been developed keeping in mind the requirement of a specific set of users. The products are very user friendly and ergonomically designed for maximum results for the effort you put in.

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