Why Women Should Opt For Strength Training?

By Kya Grace

Strength training for women has been a subject of many recent researches and its benefits for women that were underestimated in the past years have been scientifically proved. There is a rising awareness about strength training amongst women in the last few years. Women’s fitness regimen that used to essentially focus on cardiovascular endurance and flexibility now also involves strength training that guarantees balanced and injury-free body. This new approach for a fit body which was believed to benefit men and athletes is now adapted by women as well.

Low Calorie Diet versus Strength Training

The low calorie diet that is traditionally involved in the fitness regimen of women affects the metabolism of their body negatively. It lowers the metabolic rate of body and thus the desired fitness goal is often not achieved. Women who aim at reducing body fat can do it easily if strength training is included in the weight loss program as the metabolism of the body is increased through strength training. Metabolic sluggishness in middle aged women is a major problem which can be solved when they strength train. Strength training increases your muscle fiber size. This increased muscle fiber consumes more energy than before and thus boosts metabolism.

Strength training versus Aerobics

Aerobics is another method for fitness training. But in some cases stressing your body physically by aerobically overtraining can lead to serious injuries. Strength training increases endurance of your body as the ligaments and tendons become stronger and thus it prevents injuries. The risk of osteoporosis is reduced as the bone density is increased thus resulting in a stronger body.

Myth regarding unwanted large muscle

Strength training is often associated with unattractive large muscles in women. This is a myth and must be discarded because fat cells and muscle cells are entirely different from each other and cannot be converted into each other. These misconceptions must be immediately cleared as most women are genetically incapable of building large muscles as they lack sufficient hormones to do so. Also women are told to lift lighter weights compared to men who aim at building a muscular body unlike women who want slim, toned and shaped body.

Benefits for Women

Apart from decreasing body weight, strength training helps in increased blood circulation and combats cellulites on thighs. It gives a balanced physique as often women are skinny in the upper body and heavy in the legs. It also helps women to increase strength and endurance which may help during pregnancy and while some household tasks. It increases immunity as well as reduces visible aging signs in body.

Therefore myths regarding strength training for women must be discarded. The research results prove strength training as the best method to get toned and shaped body for women. It not only ensures better physique but also a healthy body with increased endurance and immunity. The disadvantages associated with low calorie diet and aerobics can be escaped by means of strength training.

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