Why You Should Consider Using An Elliptical Trainer

By Ron Bergman

If you are tired of working out on the boring treadmill, you really should try one of those elliptical trainers. With treadmills, you often feel like you’ve been running miles and miles. They are best for marathon runners who are training to run long distance on the machine. The elliptical trainers, on the other hand, allow you to walk and run in different levels and speeds. They give you not only a cardiovascular workout, but also a complete aerobic exercise.

With an elliptical machine, you get to work out your lower body and the arm muscles using its handlebars. Traditional elliptical machines have handlebars that move back and forth. Some of the higher end models like the Yowza Captiva are equipped with rotational handlebars so you can target the core muscles and get a truly total body workout. Below are some of the benefits of exercising with an elliptical trainer.

Save Space

Compared to a treadmill, an elliptical exercise machine has a smaller footprint. It saves you space at home and can fit into a tight corner that a treadmill can’t. If you have a home gym then this machine will give you more space for other gym equipments and materials.

Burn More Fat with Less Effort

Using an elliptical trainer allows you to burn more fat and calories faster. Studies have shown that it takes less effort to use an elliptical machine. This is because you can work out both lower and upper body at the same time. There is no need to use different equipments for different parts of your body. You get to exercise more and waste less energy.

Less Impact

Due to its low impact exercises, an elliptical trainer is much safer on joints than other exercise machines. We have all heard people getting injured using treadmills. These can be avoided with elliptical exercises. It is also suitable for people of all ages and even for those who are suffered from back, knee, and joint injuries.

Good in Cross Training

If you are doing cross training, you will be glad to know that elliptical trainers can be programmed with various cross ramp inclines and speeds. The foot pedals can move in both backward and forward directions. These features can help you with steep slope climbing and other cross training activities.

Fun to Use

Unlike a treadmill where you can only walk or run, an elliptical exercise gives you a number of workouts you can do with different parts of your body. You can program the machine to target your arms and legs, tone your muscles, as well as do cardio exercises. The variety of things will keep you interested. You will not get bored working out and it will keep you motivated.

Most of people lead a busy life these days. We don’t have a lot of time to exercise. With an elliptical trainer, you get low impact exercises that burn calories with less time. And it is so much fun to use, so you really don’t have any excuse not to exercise anymore.

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