Women’s Bodybuilding

By Dorothy Williams

Our society is seeing a revolution in health and wellness. Thanks to smart diet choices and fitness regimes, men and women are enjoying newfound strength and vitality. It’s important to note however, that women may need to follow a different exercise routine than their male counterparts.

Women’s bodybuilding is very different than men’s. The best way to understand these differences is to learn about the complex biology that is unique to women’s bodies. To be successful at bodybuilding, a woman should know what exercises, diets and supplements are best suited to her particular needs.

Trainers suggest that if a woman is serious about bodybuilding, she should choose bodybuilding minerals, vitamins and supplements that are formulated especially for women. Formulations for men are not the best choice for a woman who is involved in bodybuilding. Steroids for instance, while dangerous for men, can cause particularly disturbing side effects in women. In the sport of women’s bodybuilding, many women are taking steroids and as a result, getting way too much testosterone in they systems. These women are growing more hair than normal on their faces and bodies. Increased aggression and mood swings are other consequences of steroid use. These drugs do little to benefit a woman’s bodybuilding efforts, and the side effects will only cause harm in the long run.

Other supplement options for women include creatine. While using creatine will not make you huge, it will help your bodybuilding routine result in a good healthy physique. If considering creatine, choose a formulation made just for women. Men’s creatine supplements do not work well with a woman’s body and can cause excess water retention. In addition to helping add bulk, creatine can give you the energy to keep up with your bodybuilding routine.

Women’s bodybuilding offers many options. You need to find out what’s available, and learn which one is best for your health and lifestyle. Try to avoid chemical formulations that will cause harmful side effects. If you are taking up women’s bodybuilding it’s to stay healthy, so it only makes sense to avoid substances that can be unhealthy. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor before starting any intense physical training, and especially before taking women’s bodybuilding supplements.

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